November 2021

Autumn is definitely on the way out and winter has come blasting in; it was quite a shock when I opened the blinds yesterday morning to snow covering the garden – that wasn’t in our forecast! The temperature has visibly dropped and it feels like it. I’m really a hothouse person so thank heavens for central heating!

It’s been a busy month, one way and another; mid-month saw the birthday of both my husband and our granddaughter. We had a video call with her in Japan, and along with our son, his partner and both our oldest and youngest grandsons we went out for a birthday lunch. A lovely meal and a superbly well-behaved three year old made it a real pleasure for everyone.

I’ve done less reading this month; I’m winding down as the year ends and, let’s face it, I have so many others things laying claim to my time. However, eighteen books isn’t too shabby and, as usual, I’ve refreshed my memory on each one before choosing that one outstanding read. This month I can’t look past The Custard Corpses, a period mystery which delighted me as it is set prior to modern detecting methods being introduced and really is a matter of good old fashioned police work – whether plodding the streets following up clues or relying on gut instinct. I loved this novel so much that I asked the author to let me know when the next in series was due, and immediately downloaded it too. Equally as thrilling, but I can’t look past the one which initially captured my imagination and so I’m happy to choose The Custard Corpses by M. J. Porter as my Book of the Month. Many of you may be more familiar with this author’s historical novels?

So onward to the final month of the year. Our hall is stacked with boxes of decorations all ready to spread all over the house. Pictures next month – promise! In the meantime, have a wonderful month and remember it shouldn’t be all hard work! Until then …

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