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When murder turns out to be the special of the day at her friend’s seafood restaurant, bicycle shop owner Mackenzie “Mac” Almeida and her fellow book club sleuths have to net a killer . . .

From clam chowdahs to oysters on the half-shell, Tulia Peters’ Lobstah Shack offers locals and tourists in Westham, Massachusetts, some of Cape Cod’s most amazing cuisine. But when the body of Annette DiCicero is discovered in the kitchen’s walk-in freezer—with a custom-made claw-handled lobster pick lodged in her neck—spoiled appetites are the least of Tulia’s worries.
After a heated public argument with Annette, Tulia is a person of interest in the police’s homicide investigation. To clear Tulia’s name, Mac and the Cozy Capers Book Group snoop into Annette’s personal life. Between her temperamental husband, his shady business partner, and two women tied to Annette’s past life as “Miss New Bedford”, there are now several suspects and multiple motives.

And they’re getting crabby about Mac intruding on their affairs. . .
Includes Recipes!

Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery series

  1. Murder on Cape Cod
  2. Murder at the Taffy Shop
  3. Murder at the Lobstah Shack

Tremendously Enjoyable!

I’m a big fan of this author, but I don’t think I’ve come across this series before!

Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Almeida owns a bicycle repair shop in Westham and has a bit of a reputation – along with her fellow book group members – of getting involved in real-life mysteries, often with life-endangering results. When a body turns up in the shop next door, The Lobstah Shack, run by Tulia Peters everyone assumes that she will be investigating again and when Tulia emerges as a suspect, Mac is determined to do all she can to clear her name. With several others who could be guilty, with Mac get to the truth in time to prevent any more dead bodies turning up?

This is an author who never fails to deliver; whether as Edith Maxwell, whose Quaker Midwife series I just adore, or as Maddie Day she knows how to write a gripping story which will grab her reader’s attention and keep them wondering until the very end. This time round is no different but with the addition of so many mouth-watering meals and snacks I guarantee every reader will salivate throughout! I love that there are recipes included at the end of the book – very handy indeed. This is a skilfully created mystery, written to entertain as well as confound the reader and I must admit that I chose the wrong person to back as the murderer. Well-written as always, this is one book I enjoyed tremendously and am very happy to give all five shining stars!

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: cosy mystery

Author Details

Agatha- and Macavity-nominated author Maddie Day is a talented amateur chef who knows both Indiana and Cape Cod intimately. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America and blogs with the Wicked Authors and at Killer Characters. Day lives with her beau and two elderly cats north of Boston, where she gardens, cooks, and devises new murderous plots.

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