The Country Village Winter Wedding by Cathy Lake #BookReview #Zaffre #5*

Clare Greene and Sam Wilson are getting married and everyone in Little Bramble is excited for the event of the year.

But Clare and Sam are busy people and have left organising their wedding to the last minute.

Luckily, wedding planner Hazel Campbell has recently moved to the village. She had what she thought was a wonderful life in Edinburgh with a successful business, a loving fiance and her own wedding coming up. But when she caught her groom-to-be in bed with her best friend she fled, leaving everyone and everything behind.

Little Bramble seems like the ideal place for Hazel to start over. As she throws herself into planning the perfect country village winter wedding, she starts to find herself again.

And soon she realises that a second chance at happiness might just be on the cards . . .

Escape to Little Bramble with the rest of The Country Village Series – The Country Village Christmas Show and The Country Village Summer Fete, available now, and The Country Village Allotment, coming in Spring 2022.

Absolutely Gorgeous Festive Read!

Another deliciously enjoyable tale from the pen of an author who knows how to keep her readers happy!

Hazel Campbell left Edinburgh when her best friend and business partner got a little too close to Hazel’s fiance – and on the cusp of their wedding day too! Leaving it all behind, Hazel sets out for a new start in the village of Little Bramble where, as luck would have it, she comes across Clare and Sam who are getting married but haven’t had time for the planning! It’s a match made in heaven when they all get together and Hazel is thrilled to get her new business up and running. With the whole village watching, she has to make a success of it!

What a fabulous story! It has everything we expect from a festive tale – and more! Wonderful characters, entwined threads and, best of all, a perfect setting. Little Bramble is the kind of place we would all love to live and Hazel’s fears of being lonely are soon abated. I adored – but wasn’t surprised by – the addition of a rescue dog; having followed this author under her many guises I know she is a great advocate for re-homing animals and her passion shines throughout all of her novels. This is a gorgeous read, absolutely perfect for the festive season and a fantastic addition to this series of stand-alone reads. Skilfully crafted and beautifully written, this will leave you full of seasonal goodwill! Highly recommended and easily worth all five glowing stars!

I purchased this novel as an ebook; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: Christmas, romance, women’s fiction

Author Details

Cathy Lake is a women’s fiction writer who lives with her family and three dogs in beautiful South Wales. She writes uplifting stories about strong women, family, friendship, love, community and overcoming obstacles.

  • Twitter: @LakeAuthor
  • Facebook: @CathyLakeHouse
  • Instagram: @DarcieBoleynAuthor

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