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Book Three in the gorgeous Girls in Blue series by bestselling author Fenella J. Miller

London, 1942: Charlotte Fenimore is back home on a week’s leave from the Women’s Auxiliary Airforce.

She had planned for a week of rest and recuperation. She hadn’t planned to fall deeply in love with an irascible detective called Dan Chalmers, a severely wounded hero of Dunkirk who believed no woman would ever look at him again.

DI Chalmers is in London to arrest a gang of dangerous East End criminals and root out corrupt police detectives at the Met – and his involvement with Charlotte brings her into serious danger. And then the plane flying Charlotte to the wilds of Scotland comes down in a storm…

In a time of war, with danger around every corner, how can their relationship survive?

The Girls in Blue series

  1. The Girls in Blue
  2. The East End Girl in Blue
  3. The Officer Girl in Blue

Enjoyable & Informative!

Very informative – and yet again I have learned something new about WWII!

In this, the third novel in series, we are following Charlotte Fennimore who is home on leave for a week’s rest when she meets Dan Chalmers, a detective who was wounded at Dunkirk. He is now working to bring down a group of East End criminals and root out corruption in the police force. Sadly, the attraction between these two puts Charlotte’s life in danger and, just when they think she is safe, the plane carrying her to a new posting in the very northern part of Scotland crashes and she is once more fighting to survive.

I love this series – just as I have enjoyed the author’s previous novels and she really manages to convey how women from every walk of life committed to doing their bit for the war effort. There were pieces of information I hadn’t come across before which definitely appealed to me. When you realise how women’s lives changed it was no surprise that things never went back to how they were before in this country and novels like this remind us – and educate younger women – of the facts. My only gripe is the language used by the character Dan Chalmers; back in the 1940’s no man would have blasphemed in front of a woman and it irritated me each time he did it. That aside, this further the story nicely and is another well written, skilfully crafted tale. Very enjoyable and, for me, 4*.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy, this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: historical women’s fiction, WWII

Author Details

Fenella J Miller was born in the Isle of Man. Her father was a Yorkshire man and her mother the daughter of a Rajah. She has worked as a nanny, cleaner, field worker, hotelier, chef, secondary and primary teacher and is now a full time writer.

She has over fifty Regency romantic adventures published plus four Jane Austen variations, four Victorian sagas and fourteen WW2 family sagas. She is a widow and lives in a small village in Essex with her British Shorthair cat. She has a son, daughter in law, and a grandson.

  • Twitter: @fenellawriter
  • Facebook: @FenellaJ Miller

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