August 2021

After a glorious July, temperatures dropped only to rise again and give us a fabulous third week in August; sadly, all good things must come to an end and now that we’re almost into September the sunshine appears to have abandoned us. However, it’s only fair to say that it’s not cold which makes a big difference!

It’s been a busy weekend here; on Saturday a car came flying round the corner just before our house, hit the lamp post on the opposite side of the road just past our home before ploughing through a garden wall and demolishing the front door of a house. It is one of only two newer houses in our street with a front wall; the rest are older – built as weaver’s cottages – and it could have been so much worse (although that was bad enough). Then lunch out with our son and his family to celebrate his 40th birthday followed by his partner’s birthday the next day. A very busy weekend, which makes a change for me!

It’s been a month of mixed genres with a good range of novels – thirty in total. It’s never easy to choose only one which stands out from the rest and I have read and re-read several reviews before finally deciding that The House of Whispers from Anna Kent edges ahead of the field. A fascinating tale, beautifully written and packed with surprises, I am quite in awe of the author’s skill at producing such an amazing novel! Truly deserving of my Book of the Month and I highly recommend it to everyone who likes to expect the unexpected.

Looking forward, we are on the cusp of autumn here in Scotland. The nights are drawing in – our curtains are now closed before 9pm. I still hope for a few warmer days when I can read outside in the company of our two labs. Here they are today, enjoying their after-lunch nap – together, as always.

I already have a full list for next month so, until the end of September . . .

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