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If you can’t trust your father and you can’t trust the police, who can you trust?

Sue Hearn is planting a herb garden on the site of her grandfather’s old greenhouse. She’s spent the morning digging up all sorts of odds and ends already. But she doesn’t expect this grisly find.

A skull.

Could it be the remains of her mother, Monica, who went missing thirty years ago?

Sue’s father, in hospital with dementia, insinuates that a police officer was involved in her mother’s disappearance. But can he be trusted?

So now Detectives Asha Harvey and Aaron Birch might be looking for a bent copper.

As they dig deeper into the past, Sue and Asha find secrets so dangerous it will put all their lives in danger.

Fans of BBC’s Line of Duty, Lynda La Plante, Tana French, Patricia Gibney, Brian McGilloway and Helen H. Durrant will devour this electrifying crime thriller by one of Northern Ireland’s newest talents.



Asha Harvey has always had a powerful sense of right and wrong. She has wanted to be a detective since she was a child, and while she can be a little too trusting, her open manner makes people want to confide in her. She is especially driven to succeed as a woman of colour in a largely white, male police force in Northern Ireland. Her family support her and are ridiculously proud of her, which adds to her internal pressure to succeed.

Boyish and gangly, Aaron Birch entered the police force as a detective through a graduate recruitment scheme. This makes him the butt of snide remarks by fellow officers, so he always feels he has something to prove. He also has a tendency to stretch the rules to suit himself, which can lead to him getting into trouble.

A city of contrasts, Belfast is filled with beautiful old relics dating back to a golden age of shipbuilding and wealth, as well as the scars of more recent wounds. The city has an exciting sense of newness and potential, but it can’t quite shed those who lurk in the darker shadows born of its turbulent past.

Detectives Harvey & Birch series

  1. Knife Edge
  2. Small Bones

Tremendously Exciting!

Superb – very reminiscent of Line of Duty at it’s very best!

Clearing a bit of the garden should have been dull and boring, but when Sue Hearn discovers a skeleton that all changes. Could it be her mother who went missing over 30 years ago? With her father suffering from dementia, will she ever find out? As Asha Harvey and Aaron Birch begin investigating, Sue’s father mentions that there was a police officer involved in the disappearance of his wife; given his condition do they believe him and, if so, what do they do about it? As they begin to dig, they are putting themselves – and others – into serious danger . . .

Wow! I always enjoy it when I get into the second book in a series and this is, without doubt, one of the best. I really like these detectives (not always the case); they work well together and have each others backs 24/7. It’s more than a job to them and it shows. This is utterly thrilling! There is such a lot going on and it is both thought provoking and tremendously exciting! Every one of the characters is beautifully developed and the story itself is carefully plotted with twists and turns and revelations galore. I kept trying to work out who to trust and the most obvious answers was absolutely nobody! I live in hope that the third book is on it’s way – I can’t wait. Highly recommended and a fabulous 5* read.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller

Author Details

Kerry Buchanan lives amid the rolling County Down hills that feature in her debut crime series. When she isn’t writing, Kerry performs her work at literary events and participates in literary panels, and works with new writers. She is disabled, and passionate about sailing and attempting to outwit the slugs in her vegetable patch.

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