The Unexpected Love Story of Lexie Byrne by Caroline Grace-Cassidy #BookReview #Black&WhitePublishing #4.5*

An irresistible love story . . . delivered with sparkle and wit
(in a too-tight red dress!)

Meet Lexie Byrne. The big 4-0 is looming, but she’s perfectly content without a man.

How else could she watch movies on repeat and eat crisp sandwiches in bed? Finally free of her love-rat ex, she’s never settling again. Nothing less than ‘The One’ will do.

Then, after an electrifying encounter on a wild St Patrick’s Day, Lexie takes a leap of faith and a flight across the Irish Sea. But as sparks fly, Lexie’s dreams take a serious nosedive. Until an arrival no one anticipated . . .

Will the unexpected love story of Lexie Byrne have a happy ending after all?

Terrifically Uplifting!

A fabulous read! Definitely an author I’ll be on the lookout for in future.

Lexie Byrne is fast approaching 40 and she’s very happy with her single status; after the cheating boyfriend, she is all about living life for herself. Not that she’s closed her mind to romance, but it will have to be perfect to get her into a relationship again. Then she finds herself out in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day when she bumps into a hot and gorgeous man and the next thing she knows she’s flying across the Irish Sea to meet up again, but things don’t quite go to plan . . .

What a grand read! Romance, friendship and lots of laughter all add up to a terrifically uplifting novel which left me with a smile on my face. The story is both romantic and funny; some of the characters are a total scream and again, I found myself giggling and spluttering whilst reading in bed and trying not to disturb my other half’s slumber. Beautifully written, completely enjoyable and a recommended read which I’m happy to give 4.5*.

My thanks to the author for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s contemporary fiction

Author Details

Caroline Grace Cassidy is an author of seven bestselling novels and a screenwriter.

Her debut novel When Love Takes Over was released by Poolbeg on February 7, 2012. She was cited by The Irish Times newspaper as one of their ‘People to Watch’ in 2012.

Since then she has been published with The Other Side Of Wonderful (2013), I Always Knew (2014) Already Taken (2015) and The Week I Ruined My Life was published in 2016 with UK Publishers Black & White Publishing, The Importance Of Being me (2017) Bride Squad Runaway (2019) and coming in August 2012 The Unexpected Love Story Of Lexie Byrne aged 39 and 1/2.

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