The Mersey Angels by Sheila Riley #BookReview #BoldwoodBooks #NetGalley #4.5*

The thrilling new book from Sheila Riley in her Liverpool Saga series


Following the death of her father, Ruby Swift, and husband Archie finally move back into Ashland Hall.

As the Great War rages, fathers and sons take the King’s Shilling and head off to fight the unknown enemy, not knowing what horrors lie ahead.

With Ned Kincaid in the Navy, Archie signs up to the volunteer constabulary and nurses Anna Cassidy and Ellie Harrington enlist to do their bit for King and Country.

Soon the true casualties of war are being brought home in droves, Ruby converts Ashland Hall into an auxiliary hospital for wounded servicemen.

It’s not long before the true cost of war is brought closer to home and Anna and Ellie enlist in the British Military Nursing Corp and soon find themselves in the battlefields of France in search of the truth.

But they soon discover more than they bargained for…

A Moving & Inspiring Read!

Another gripping saga from an author at the top of her game!

Ruby and husband Archie have finally moved into Ashland Hall. As the Great War rages on, most of the family are doing their bit one way or another and with the ever increasing wounded returning with injuries, Ruby decides to turn the Hall into a hospital. Anna and Ellie take the decision to take their nursing skills to France while they worry about loved ones in the throes of the action.

This is a thoroughly good tale which doesn’t shirk away from the horrors of war – nor should it. A family saga following lots of different angles all brought together with some very skilful writing. Great characters and more that a bit of truth sprinkled through the pages making this an interesting and stirring read. I have enjoyed previous novels by this author and this is of the same high calibre. A moving and inspiring read which I’m happy to recommend and give 4.5*.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley. This is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: historical women’s saga

Author Details

I’m Sheila Riley, and I write heart-warming historical novels. Family sagas, which are based around the streets of Mersey Docklands from the beginning to the middle of the 20th century. I write serials based around a thriving community, but you can read all of my books as a standalone, as each individual has their own tale to tell. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors?

At the heart of a happy, spirited neighbourhood there lurks a dark soul. This is the theme that brings a gritty edge to my stories and keeps the reader up way past their bedtime or will have them reaching for their handkerchief when our favourite character is caught in a situation over which they have no control.

An element of mystery weaves its way through my novels, which may be solved in the first book or may not be solved until the very end of the series. But one thing is certain, you will be among friends when you delve into the pages that tell the story of my characters.

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  • Facebook: @SheilaRileyAuthor
  • Instagram: @sheilarileynovelist

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