The Last Witness by Denzil Meyrick #BookReview #DCIDaley2 #Polygon #5*

James Machie was a man with a genius for violence, his criminal empire spreading beyond Glasgow into the UK and mainland Europe.

Fortunately, James Machie is dead, assassinated in the back of a prison ambulance following his trial and conviction. But now, five years later, he is apparently back from the grave, set on avenging himself on those who brought him down. Top of his list is his previous associate, Frank MacDougall, who unbeknownst to D.C.I. Jim Daley, is living under protection on his lochside patch, the small Scottish town of Kinloch.

Daley knows that, having been the key to Machie’s conviction, his old friend and colleague D.S. Scott is almost as big a target.

And nothing, not even death, has ever stood in James Machie’s way.

Intriguing & Enigmatic with a Dash of Humour!

I can hardly believe it’s over two years since I read the first in this series; I don’t plan to wait as long to read the third!

Previously one of the biggest – and most violent – criminals in Glasgow died when the prison ambulance he was travelling in was attacked and he was assassinated, but now James Machie seems to be back and seeking vengeance against those who put him away. DCI Jim Daley and his partner DS Scott are both targets along with Machie’s former partner. They are both struggling to understand this apparent resurrection and Daley finds himself under police protection.

What a cracking read! I love getting into books set in Scotland, especially Glasgow and the west where I’m more familiar with the settings and this one fits the bill. Denzil Meyrick not only understands the criminals but he knows the humour and Scott has that ‘pure dead brilliant’ manner which makes me laugh every time. The crime is intriguing and enigmatic and, while the ending tied everything up in this second in series, it left a teaser for the next book giving me a renewed determination to not only read this series in order but to fit them into my list more often. Offering everything you could ever want in a good thriller, there is no doubt that this is a five star read and I absolutely recommend it.

I purchased this novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller, police procedural, Scottish

Author Details

Denzil Meyrick was born in Glasgow and brought up in Campbeltown. After studying politics, he pursued a varied career including time spent as a police officer, freelance journalist, and director of several companies.

Beginning with Whisky from Small Glasses, then The Last Witness, Dark Suits and Sad Songs, The Rat Stone Serenade, and Well of the Winds, the DCI Daley series have all become Scottish Crime bestsellers. Whisky from Small Glasses reached #2 in the UK Kindle store in 2016.

An anthology of short stories, One Last Dram was published in late 2017.

The Daley series to date have all been number one bestselling UK audiobooks on Audible. DCI Daley #6 The Relentless Tide and #7 A Breath on Dying Embers one of the Scotsman newspaper’s books of 2018 and 2019. A Breath On Dying Embers was longlisted for the 2019 McIlvanney Prize.

For Any Other Truth, book 9 in the million-selling series, is available now!

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