Coming Home by Patricia Scanlan #BookReview #Simon&SchusterUK #4.5*

Warmth, wisdom and love on every page – if you treasured Maeve Binchy, read Patricia Scanlan.

Two sisters… two very different lives.

Alison. As Christmas approaches, her American dream is in tatters. Her highflying career is on the skids, as she is made jobless in the financial meltdown. Her wealthy boyfriend is playing away. But pride prevents her from telling her family just how bad things are.

Olivia, back home, is fraught trying to juggle family, career, preparations for Christmas and a surprise party for their mother’s seventieth birthday. How she envies, and sometimes resents, her sister Alison and her life of excitement and affluence in New York.

Coming home is the last thing Alison wants to do, especially now that she’s met a rather attractive, sexy, down to earth neighbour. But family ties are strong. Alison and Olivia sort their differences, the party throws up a few surprises and Christmas brings changes for Alison that she could never have imagined before…

Fabulously Enjoyable!

Oh, the sheer joy of reading a Patricia Scanlan novel again!

Alison is the Irish girl who went to America and did well for herself. Her family are very proud of her, but her parent miss her sorely. Olivia, her sister, feels a bit hard done to as she works full time, takes care of her husband and three girls whilst also looking after their parents and elderly uncle. The last place Alison wants to be is back home admitting her good life has gone with the financial collapse; with no income she’s struggling to come to terms with her new situation. Having promised to be home for her mother’s birthday, Alison is desperate to hide her new found circumstances from her family.

I’ve been a fan of Patricia Scanlan for many years; my bookcases bear testimony to that and I’ve been trying to find time to read this one for quite a while so it’s the perfect novel to kick off my summer break! My expectations were completely fulfilled; wonderfully created characters and an authentic storyline with so much going on kept me glued to the pages well past midnight. Beautifully written and one which made me realise that I’ve missed too much of this author’s work lately which I really must catch up with. Fabulously enjoyable and, for me, worth 4.5 stars!

I purchased this novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s fiction

Author Details

Patricia Scanlan was born in Dublin, where she still lives. Her #1 bestsellers include Apartment 3B; Finishing Touches; Foreign Affairs; Promises, Promises; Mirror, Mirror; City Girl; City Woman; City Lives; and Francesca’s Party. She has sold millions of books worldwide and is translated into many languages. Patricia is the series editor and a contributing author to the award winning Open Door literacy series, which she developed for adult literacy.

  • Twitter: @patriciascanl18
  • Facebook: @patriciascanlanauthor

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