Wolfe Trap by Matt Cost #BookReview #ClayWolfe/PortEssexMystery1 #Encircle #5*

From acclaimed author Matt Cost comes an exiting new small town detective series

Clay Wolfe is a former Boston homicide detective who has left the police department to return home to Maine to care for his elderly grandfather and open a private detective agency.

Haunted by being orphaned at an early age, and jaded by the corruption of the big city, Clay is happy to hit pause and investigate minor crimes. When he is hired to find out who sold the drugs that killed a six-month-old baby girl, he has no idea of the evil that he is going to uncover in the underbelly of his hometown.

Wolfe Trap is a thrilling ride set in a small Maine town with rich characters and shocking plot twists that will keep the reader rapt until the final pages.

A Dynamic, Thrilling Read!

Now, this is an exciting read! Lots of mystery, plenty of action and great characters to boot!

Clay Wolfe, ex-Boston detective, has dealt with as many high-octane cases as he would like during his police career; he’s happy to have returned home to Maine to keep an eye on his aging grandfather and opens a detective agency which keeps him busy investigating minor matters. Until, that is, he is hired by a woman to find out where the drugs came from which killed her six-month-old granddaughter – and then life gets dangerous, both for Wolfe and those close to him.

Another heart-pounding thriller from the pen (keyboard?) of Matt Cost, an author who knows how to create a cast of appealing characters and then, once they get inside your head the fun begins! A riveting start to a new series which I’ll happily follow – so much going on, all cleverly plotted to make perfect sense and yet, when the final revelations come, there is always a surprise or two. A thrilling read, one I could hardly bear to put down, full of excitement and always throwing more questions into the mix. A dynamic novel, worthy of all five shining stars and my highest recommendation.

My thanks to the author for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime mystery

Author Details

Over the years, Matt Cost (aka Matthew Langdon Cost) has owned a video store, a mystery bookstore and a gym. He has also taught history and coached just about every sport imaginable. During those years – since aged eight actually – his true passion has been writing. I Am Cuba: Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution (Encircle Publications, March, 2020) was his first traditionally published novel. Mainely Power the first of the Mainely Mysteries featuring private detective Goff Langdon was published by Encircle in September 2020, followed by book two Mainely Fear (December, 2020) and book three Mainely Money (March, 2021).

Also forthcoming from Encircle are his Clay Wolfe / Port Essex Mystery series: Wolfe Trap, Mind Trap and Mouse Trap; as well as his new historical fiction novel, Love in a Time of Hate.

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