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Jessup is the latest novel now available worldwide from the Author of the Dennis Bisskit books

Jessup is a broken man, scarred physically and emotionally, by what he witnessed during World War 2, and now cleans the toilets of prisoners to make money to buy alcohol.

When not arguing with his best friend, Marlow, he broods in his room and contemplates suicide as the only way to escape his pain.

But when he is offered the chance of a better job, he must choose between a new start and turning his back on the one person who treats him with respect: a man whose life is in danger.

A dark, sweeping tale from the battlefields of France and Northern Africa to the East End of London… It is 1950 and Jessup has one last chance to turn his life around.

A harrowing, gripping novel, Jessup will linger long in the reader’s memory.

Beautifully Written, Awesome Tale!

A remarkable novel by an author who has shown his deep understanding of war and those caught up in it.

Jimmy Jessup, to the outsider, is a poor soul; one of a generation who couldn’t wait to sign up to fight in WWII and came home a broken man. Far from all his boyhood dreams, he now cleans toilets and every other mess in the local police station. He shares his flat with Marlow, his childhood buddy who joined up and fought alongside him. He is viewed by the many as a nothing man; one who returned home injured and is, for the most, part invisible. He considers suicide as a way out of his lonely life, but when he gets the opportunity of a well-paid regular job he dithers between making a better life for himself and leaving behind the one person who treats him with respect.

I have long been a fan of this author’s writing; there are some scenes in his Dennis Bisskitt books which pop into my head at the most inopportune moments (funerals) to make me smile so even though I knew this was a very different novel, I jumped at the chance of reviewing it – and I’m so glad I did. This is a story which will horrify and entertain; yet it is tender and touching and will surely have you reaching for the tissues. Even though this is fiction, I’ve read enough about wartime to know it is based in truth and Stephen Ainley has done a fine job of creating a character every reader will care about and, of course, there are moments of humour to lift the mood. Beautifully written, this is an absolutely awesome novel and one I won’t forget for a long time. My highest recommendation and a full five sparkling stars.

My grateful thanks to the author for my copy of his novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: historical thriller

Author Details

Stephen Ainley was born in, Birmingham UK, in the 1950s. Served in the British Airborne in the 1970s, before moving to Australia.

He has written many articles and short stories over the years, always humorous tales, and eventually had his first novel, The Dennis Bisskit Adventures, published in 2017. Filled with family, fun, colourful characters, and disasters. This was followed by, Dennis Bisskit and the Man From Paris with the Very Large Head, and Dennis Bisskit and the Basset Hound from Beacons Bottom.

OUT NOW!!!, my first serious novel(la) Jessup. From the battlefields of France and Northern Africa to the East End of London. It’s 1950 and Jessup has one last chance to turn his life around.

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