A Text Before Dying by McGarvey Black #BookReview #BloodhoundBooks #5*

Discover a completely gripping psychological thriller today.

The Perfect Murder. The Perfect Nightmare.

Spying from her window in New York City with high-powered binoculars, conspiracy theorist Zoe spots a man and woman on a park bench. Zooming in, she finds she can read the texts on the woman’s phone. Her initial excitement turns to alarm when the woman’s texts outline a plan to murder the man she is sitting next to. 

The police department is trying to manage a pandemic and catch a serial killer who has murdered six women. So, when Zoe reports the conspiracy to commit murder, the police have little time or patience for her theories. 

Committed to saving the life of the man on the bench, Zoe and her best friend Sean pursue all angles until Zoe finds herself in grave danger.

But those around her keep wondering, is there really a murder plot or is it all in Zoe’s head?

Superbly Crafted!

I always know I’m in for a fabulously entertaining read when I have a McGarvey Black novel on my list – and I’ve never been disappointed yet!

Zoe likes to spy on others; from her New York apartment she can spot what’s going on below – seeing even better since she purchased a pair of high-powered binoculars. When she zeroes in on a mobile phone, she realises she’s stumbled upon a murder plot and reports all she knows to the police, who currently have their hands more than full with a global pandemic raging and a serial killer on the loose. Zoe persuades her friend Sean to help her run down all the clues she’s gleaned from what she saw, but is that putting her in more danger? And, as it’s not the first time she has spun a story from her illicit viewing, she runs the risk of being regarded in a similar manner to the little boy who cried wolf . . .

This is, without doubt, a thrilling read. I found myself totally into this fast-paced, exciting story very quickly. There are several threads all woven together, giving the reader plenty to focus on. Did I see where it was heading? No way – I was too busy enjoying myself! What makes this author stand out from others who write psychological thrillers is the humour which she introduces, almost unseen, but it’s definitely there. Several twists and turns brought us to the conclusion which came as quite a surprise! Superbly crafted with terrific characterisation and beautifully written, I just loved everything about this one and am very happy to recommend it to others. A Text Before Dying easily earns all five sparkling stars.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: psychological thriller

Author Details

I was a theatre major in college and pursued an acting career for a few years. Eventually, I moved into advertising sales in the magazine publishing business where I sold print and digital advertising and managed sales teams for companies like Conde Nast and WebMD. Ten years ago, I left media to become an executive recruiter for large and small internet companies. No matter how I earned a living, I always wrote…for me, for my friends and family.

Two years ago, I left recruiting to pursue a full-time career as a writer. I’ve written three novels thus far and working simultaneously on the fourth and fifth. I am obsessed with writing, sometimes waking in the middle of the night to put pen to paper when I get an idea. Since I usually write mystery/thrillers, my process is to know the beginning and the end before I start and then fill in the middle as I go. If I do my prep right and develop my characters fully, the characters kind of write themselves.

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