The Invitation by A. M. Castle #BookReview #HQDigital #4.5*

Thirteen guests. One killer. No escape.

On an island on the coast of Cornwall, cut off from the mainland by the tides for most of the day, thirteen old friends meet at Tregowan Castle for a weekend of revelry.

By the next evening only twelve are still alive.

Amongst them is a killer – but who? As a storm traps them on the island and past betrayals and grievances are revealed, nerves fray and friendships begin to fracture.

But with no escape and no way of calling for help it’s only a matter of time before the killer strikes again.

And when everyone is keeping secrets, anybody could be the next victim…

Perfect for fans of Lucy Foley’s The Guest List and Agatha Christie.

Creepy & Atmospheric!

From an author I’ve followed for quite some time, this is a novel which totally surprised me!

Thirteen friends meet up at Tregowan Castle in Cornwall, a monument on an island accessible by causeway at the mercy of the tides. This is a gathering for a weekend of fun, laughter and indulgence so when their number is abruptly reduced to twelve, shock and horror reverberates among those remaining. With a storm trapping them on the island, tempers begin to fray and past events are brought to the surface creating splits and suspicion. With the chance of the killer striking again, the fear is palpable – can they all survive?

As I began to get into this one, my thoughts were what a wonderful tv drama this would be! Creepy and atmospheric, this smart thriller from a very talented author had me suspecting almost everyone at some point or another and when the actual culprit was revealed I was shocked! This is a very unlikely group which gathers at the Castle; they are not exactly bosom buddies but most of them have a history together which all comes out slowly and deliberately. A good read and one I enjoyed and not as predictable as I thought it might be, given the setting. I’m happy to recommend this one, and give it 4.5*.

My thanks to the author for my copy of her novel; this is – as always – is honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: psychological thriller

Author Details

Before turning to crime, Alice Castle was a feature writer on national newspapers including the Daily Express, The Times and The Daily Telegraph. Alice lives in south east London and is married with two children, two stepchildren and two cats. She writes psychological thrillers for HQDigital under the name A.M. Castle and the London Murder Mystery cozy crime series for Darkstroke as Alice Castle.

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