Kiss Me, Kill Me by Louise Mullins #BookReview #DIEmmaLocke2 #Aria #NetGalley #4.5*

I practise my shock-horror face in the mirror for the seventh time. ‘My husband, he’s . . . dead.’

Bethan Phillips has only one thing on her mind: killing her rich and elderly husband for his fortune. But after several thwarted attempts, it is a horrific accident while holidaying together in Snowdonia that takes Humphrey down.

Now she must pretend he’s alive, continuing social gatherings alone under the guise he is undertaking business abroad. Because someone witnessed her leaving Humphrey to die, and should the police investigate his death they’ll discover the series of ‘accidents’ he’s survived in the previous few days… and it won’t take them long to connect the dots.

There are many reasons Bethan would rather the police didn’t look too closely at her. Or the life she lived before becoming Bethan Philips.

Unfortunately for her, DI Emma Locke is on the case.

A gripping new psychological thriller, Kiss Me, Kill Me is smart, sly and unforgettable. You won’t be able to put it down.

Gripping to the Very Last!

A fine mix of crime and investigation – such a great read!

Bethan Phillips married her elderly husband, Humphrey, with only one this on her mind – his money. She plans to bump him off as speedily as possible, but luck just doesn’t seem to be on her side. That is, until a holiday accident does the job for her. Knowing that evidence of her previous attempts may well end up taking her down, Bethan pretends Humphrey is alive and kicking – well, for the meantime. There are a lot more reasons she doesn’t want the police involved but DI Emma Locke is on the case and tends to get to the bottom of things.

Kiss Me, Kill Me has had my mouth in all kind of shapes! I have gawped in horror, gasped in shock, had a perfect ‘O’ of surprise and grimaced with distaste as well as grinning at some lighter moments. Make no mistake, this one will play in your head long after you reach the end of the story. With some very clever writing the author had me on the edge of my seat more than once and it’s fair to say I was gripped to the very last. I haven’t read the first book about Emma Locke (yet), but this is a series well worth following. Beautifully crafted characters, none of whom I had any problem believing in, added style and panache to this well planned novel and it’s one I definitely recommend. Be warned – it will play with your head and your emotions! 4.5* from me.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller, psychological fiction

Author Details

Dubbed the Queen of Domestic Noir, Louise Mullins‘ titles often delve into the darker aspects of the human psyche where more often than not somebody a little close to home knows more than they’re willing to admit. All her novels aim to bring light to social issues, and so far she’s covered the following subjects: addiction, suicide, grief, psychopathology, child abuse, serial killers, missing persons, rape, kidnapping, murder, domestic violence, cults, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and arms dealing.

Louise Mullins writes full-time using the experience she gained in a prior life working in the field of forensic mental health, working with offenders and survivors of serious crimes.​

She lives in Bristol, England, with her husband and three children.

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