The Kiminee Dream by Laura McHale Holland #BookReview #WORDforest #4.5*

A deeply poetic, riveting debut novel. Full of magic realism. Hypnotic and endearing. A tale of Midwest charm and quirky characters, but with twists and turns that reveal a dark side you don’t see coming. Once you enter this world, you won’t want to leave until the last mystery is solved — so say early readers of this immersive page-turner. Odd things happen in Kiminee, … Continue reading The Kiminee Dream by Laura McHale Holland #BookReview #WORDforest #4.5*

In the Dark by Vikki Patis #BookReview #BloodhoundBooks #4.5*

Is a situation ever black and white? Liv knows what kind of boy her grandson is. She knows Seb would never do anything to hurt his girlfriend, Izzy. But could the shadow cast by his father be influencing the boy she loves? Caitlyn, Izzy’s mother, is desperate to reach her daughter, but she only seems to push her further away. Can she help her daughter … Continue reading In the Dark by Vikki Patis #BookReview #BloodhoundBooks #4.5*

Alderslay by Val Portelli #BookReview #QuirkyUnicorn #5*

An old house. A new start. Ancient secrets. When Gina stumbles across the remote, dilapidated mansion she’s convinced it will make the perfect home for when she and her fiancé Paul settle down together. At first he supports the venture, but his frequent absences are a cause for concern, especially when the renovations reveal skeletons from the past. Is local man Steve a prospective business … Continue reading Alderslay by Val Portelli #BookReview #QuirkyUnicorn #5*