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At the end of the rainbow, a man lies dead.

The apparently motiveless murder of a man outside the home of controversial equalities activist Claud Blackwell and his neurotic wife, Natalie, is shocking enough for a peaceful local community. When it’s followed by another apparently random killing immediately outside Claud’s office, DCI Jude Satterthwaite has his work cut out. Is Claud the killer, or the intended victim?

To add to Jude’s problems, the arrival of a hostile new boss causes complications at work, and when a threatening note arrives at the police headquarters, he has real cause to fear for the safety of his friends and colleagues…

A traditional British detective novel set in Cumbria.

A Darn Good Crime Mystery!

The latest crime mystery set in the Lake District – and it’s a cracker!

Yet again, Jude and his squad of detectives are dealing with a dead body; this one was found stabbed in the heart in a country lane outside the home of Claud Blackwell and his nervous wife Natalie. When a second murder occurs outside Claud’s office, Jude considers whether Claud could be involved – in any capacity. Alongside their latest case, the force has a new boss who is causing ripples of hostility throughout the team; and on top of everything else one of the team receives a threatening letter. Just another thing to add to Jude’s list of concerns . . .

From the very beginning, I’ve relished this series. The setting, characters and each case beautifully crafted, bringing stresses and strains which, inevitably, take their toll on each member of the team. I love the mix of personalities and Jo Allen is bang up to date with her stories and the issues which affect a modern police force. This is a thought-provoking mystery, I suspected quite a few of committing the crimes except the actual perpetrator. Great writing and a terrific read which kept my focus all the way through and a fabulous addition to this series. I can hardly bear to wait for the next one! Definitely worth all five stars and my recommendation to all lovers of a darn good crime mystery!

My thanks to Rachel Gilbey both for forwarding my copy of the novel and my spot on this tour; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime mystery, police procedural

Author Details

Jo Allen was born in Wolverhampton and is a graduate of Edinburgh, Strathclyde and the Open University. After a career in economic consultancy she took up writing and was first published under the name Jennifer Young in genres of short stories, romance and romantic suspense. In 2017 she took the plunge and began writing the genre she most likes to read – crime. Now living in Edinburgh, she spends as much time as possible in the English Lakes. In common with all her favourite characters, she loves football (she’s a season ticket holder with her beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers) and cats.

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