The Other Daughter by Caroline Bishop #BookReview #SimonandSchusterUK #NetGalley #4.5*

‘A fresh, original, passionate and page-turning story about women’s choices and past secrets that demands to be read’ Rachel Hore, author of The Love Child

You only get one life – but what if it isn’t the one you were meant to live?

‘When it finally arrived I was shocked to see it; to read the words Mum wrote about these women fighting for rights I know I take for granted. Mum was here. And while she was, something happened that changed the entire course of my life. Perhaps, if I can summon the courage, the next eight weeks will help me finally figure out what that was . . .’

When Jessica discovers a shocking secret about her birth, she leaves her London home and travels to Switzerland in search of answers. She knows her journalist mother spent time in the country forty years earlier, reporting on the Swiss women’s liberation movement, but what she doesn’t know is what happened to her while she was there. Can Jess summon the courage to face the truth about her family, or will her search only hurt herself and those around her even more?

Set across a stunning Swiss backdrop, The Other Daughter follows one woman in her search for the truth about her birth, and another desperately trying to succeed in a man’s world. Perfect for fans of Tracy Rees, Elizabeth Noble and Kathryn Hughes.

A Lovely Rewarding Read!

A fabulous story – families, mysteries and an insight into a country’s history I knew nothing about.

Jessica has a lot on her plate; having discovered something about her past which may well affect her future and when she’s given the chance to pursue the truth, she embraces it. Heading off to Switzerland for the summer, ostensibly as a Nanny, Jess wants to trace events from almost four decades ago. Will she finally unravel the mystery and make peace with herself?

A beautifully written story about how the past impacts on the present, this debut novel has a very eye-catching cover and I look forward to hearing more about this author. I found it very easy to empathise with Jess and was always considering what I would have done in her position. The revelations about the lack of equality for Swiss women in the seventies – at a time when I was starting my first job – took me by surprise and discovering some of the social practices regarding children really shocked me but it was all a necessary part of history leading to Jess’s discoveries. There is never a dull moment in this novel and I found myself egging on Jess at the same time as feeling immense sympathy for her predicament. A lovely, rewarding read; one I’m happy to recommend and give 4.5*.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s fiction

Caroline is a British freelance writer currently living in Switzerland.

​In the past 15 years or so she has written about travel, food and theatre for newspapers, magazines and websites including The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, BBC Travel, Adventure Travel, France magazine and others. She was also the editor of anglophone Swiss news site for two years, during which time she became fascinated with aspects of Swiss history and culture, particularly the evolution of women’s rights, which forms the backdrop to The Other Daughter, her debut novel. 

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