People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd #BookReview #PanMacmillan-Mantle #NetGalley #5*

‘Breathlessly fast, brilliantly original’ Clare Mackintosh

‘Social media has never been so dark or so compelling’ Samantha Downing

People like Emmy Jackson. They always have.

Especially online, where she is Instagram sensation Mamabare, famous for always telling the unvarnished truth about modern parenthood.

But Emmy isn’t as honest as she’d like the fans to believe. She may think she has her followers fooled, but someone out there knows the truth and plans to make her pay. Because people like her have no idea what pain careless words can cause. Because people like her need to learn what it feels like to lose everything.

A smart and thrilling debut that delves into the darkest aspects of influencer culture, Ellery Lloyd’s People Like Her is about what you risk losing when you don’t know who’s watching . . .

Breathtakingly Brilliant!

Completely original and breathtakingly brilliant!

Emmy Jackson is an influencer – she’s very good at it because people like her. She has an amazing number of followers who admire her and help her build her brand, but Emmy isn’t always truthful and because of that there are consequences. Someone is out to make sure Emmy is well aware of that.

I’m so pleased to NOT be an influencer. Truth be told, I’ve always struggled a bit with unknown entities becoming household names purely by influencing how they make purchases, and I don’t buy into the whole celebrity culture that we have going on in the world today. However, having learned so much more about what being an influencer means, I can see the attraction!

Emmy, her husband Dan, and their two young children are a lovely family and the reader gets pulled into their lives at the beginning of this novel but this isn’t a nicey-nicey family drama; it is one of the most chilling psychological thrillers I’ve ever read! I went to bed late in the evening intending to read for up to an hour before nodding off. Three hours later I was still there, incapable of closing the book until I knew the whole story – and then there was the epilogue! One of the scariest endings I’ve every come across. This is not one to be easily forgotten! As I said before, I’m so pleased NOT to be an influencer; if I was, I’m not sure I would ever get a good night’s sleep again. Carefully planned and expertly executed, this novel has propelled the authors onto my ‘must not miss’ list. People Like Her gets my highest recommendation and fully earns every one of the five stars it so deserves.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: psychological thriller

Ellery Lloyd is the pseudonym for London-based husband-and-wife writing team Collette Lyons and Paul Vlitos.

Collette Lyons is a journalist and editor, the former content director of Elle (UK) and editorial director at Soho House. She has written for The Guardian, The Telegraph, and the Sunday Times. 

Paul Vlitos is the author of two previous novels, Welcome to the Working Week and Every Day is Like Sunday. He is the program director for English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Surrey.

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