Housewife Chronicles by Jennifer Snow #BookReview #NetGalley #4*

Her husband’s affair coming to light two weeks before his death should have been the worst thing to happen to Beth Cartwright that year.

But being a widowed, single mom in a community of upper-class housewives is proving to be far more difficult.

Living next door to her husband’s mistress and her former yoga instructor-Gina Thompson, has Beth wanting to pack up her teenage kids and get the hell out of the neighborhood. But when she becomes a suspect in her husband’s death, she needs to rely on her husband’s mistress and the rest of her quirky neighborhood friends to keep her out of jail.

Housewife Chronicles is a dark comedy with a hint of mystery and a focus on unlikely female friendships.

Perfect Mix of Fun & Mystery!

‘Dark comedy with a hint of mystery’ describes this one perfectly!

Beth Cartwright has so much going on; bad enough that her husband dropped dead but she also has to suffer the ignominy of him not only leaving her two weeks previously but also moving in with the woman next door. That same woman keeps turning up – either among Beth’s friends or trying to weasel her way into her children’s lives. Then, to cap it all, the police turn up to inform her that her husband didn’t die of a heart attack after all – it was murder! Fate decrees that it’s always the spouse so she find herself in the frame. Her friends are determined to prove her innocence – but do they really believe it?

So much fun! Beth is a character it’s so easy to identify with. She’s not the glossy, ‘real housewife’ type you see on tv; she dreams of ways to get out of the gossipy coffee mornings, but when the chips are down she needs her friends. I felt that I understood Beth and certainly sympathised with her but I also giggled my way through this one. A perfect mix of fun and mystery, and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Jennifer Snow is a new author to me and I would recommend this book to every reader who enjoys a touch of humour in their reading. I’m happy to give this one four stars.

My thanks to the author for my copy via NetGalley’ this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s fiction

Jennifer Snow is an award winning, contemporary romance author writing for Harlequin, Grand Central and Berkley/NAL. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and son. 

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