Just A Phase by Louisa Hart #BookReview #Justa.series1 #DMPress #4.5*

Lizzie Mitchell is on maternity leave from her London marketing manager’s job but this time she isn’t going back.

After the birth of her second child Lizzie has handed in her notice, waved goodbye to the nightmarish commute and is happy to embrace stay-at-home-mummy duties.

That is, until her other half James loses his job and decides to start a business in a field he knows nothing about.

With children to feed, a roof to keep over their heads and nappies to buy, Lizzie has to be the realistic one: she grovels for her old job back – but even if she manages to fight off the barrage of fresh-faced new graduates who are lining up for it, can she really juggle a modern mummy’s life, a demanding job and a newly self-employed venture that could easily fall apart before it’s even taken off?

Entertaining – and Truthful!

Not only funny, but one of the most realistic novels about family life with small children!

Lizzie Mitchel is coming to the end of maternity leave after the birth of her second child; the time has come to part from her job as a Marketing Manager and stay at home with her children. However, no sooner has she pressed ‘send’ on her notice email that husband James loses his job. With a mortgage and two children to feed and clothe, Lizzie resigns herself to returning to the awful daily commute and tries to rescind her notice – only to find out she has to re-apply and fight off all the fresh faced graduates wanting to secure such a position. Can she still be a yummy mummy with a full time career?

This is a book which will make you smile as well as reminiscing of the horrors and joys of having two young children. It’s no surprise that this author has children – only someone who has experienced motherhood could write this! Full of entertaining – and truthful – events, this also hits on the very practical side of parenting. I loved Lizzie; like most women she just gets on with it! Louisa Hart has written a very entertaining but realistic novel and I loved everything about it – couldn’t find fault even if I wanted to – and I’m very happy to recommend this one. 4.5* and another author to watch out for in future.

My thanks to the author for my copy of her novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: humour, family life

Author Bio

Louisa lives on the South Coast with her own two darling sprogs, long-suffering husband and their errant Cavapoo (her kids think this a hilarious name for a breed of dog, third only in the hilarity ranking to Shih Tzu and of course the gold star winner, Shih-Poo).

Louisa hopes her writing takes a fun, fresh look at modern life, parenting, family and friendships.

Social Media

Facebook: @Louisaharewrites

Instagram: @louisahartwrites

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