Just A Phase by Louisa Hart #BookReview #Justa.series1 #DMPress #4.5*

Lizzie Mitchell is on maternity leave from her London marketing manager’s job but this time she isn’t going back. After the birth of her second child Lizzie has handed in her notice, waved goodbye to the nightmarish commute and is happy to embrace stay-at-home-mummy duties. That is, until her other half James loses his job and decides to start a business in a field he … Continue reading Just A Phase by Louisa Hart #BookReview #Justa.series1 #DMPress #4.5*

Don’t Tell by Paul Williams #BookReview #Bloodhound #4.5*

Some secrets are too big to keep… How well do you really know your husband?  Carrie and Steve Atwell have been happily married for fifteen years and live an idyllic life. But Carrie has no idea her world is about to be turned upside down when she finds a single earring in her husband Steve’s car. At first, she suspects the man she loves is having an affair, but the truth … Continue reading Don’t Tell by Paul Williams #BookReview #Bloodhound #4.5*