The Sisterhood by John Nicholl #BookReview #BloodhoundBooks #5*

DI Laura Kesey is handed the case of a nineteen-year-old female victim of domestic violence. Sally has severe facial bruising but is not prepared to give evidence due to previous bad experiences with the legal system.

Kesey refers Sally to the hospital social worker, and soon Sally accepts a place at the local women’s domestic violence refuge managed by Ivy, a survivor who had long since decided to take matters into her own hands…

Meanwhile, a man is run down and killed on a remote country road.

As Sally is drawn deeper into the refuge group, the police begin an investigation into the hit and run.

Soon other men’s deaths follow, but there is no evidence to justify action against any of the refuge’s residents.

Does Kesey have her sights on the wrong suspects this time?

The clock is ticking…

Fast-paced, Roller-Coaster!

This is a cracking read! My first by this author, but certainly not the last.

DI Laura Kesey’s latest case involved domestic violence of a nineteen year old girl who looks as if she’s gone ten rounds in the ring. She is absolutely terrified of her abuser and Kesey is very concerned about her welfare going forward, involving the hospital social worker to find her a safe place in a women’s refuge – where everything is not quite as it seems. At the same time, a man is run down and left for dead on a local road and that falls to Kesey too. Her sergeant is convinced there is a link between these two cases but feelings don’t lead to prosecution. Can they come up with the truth?

This is a fast-paced roller-coaster of a read! Absolutely riveting and there is always something going on; it took me a while to get to like the sergeant – he came across as stuck in a time-warp with his manner of questioning – and Kesey’s boss was a complete dinosaur! The pair of them led to some very unsavoury utterings from yours truly (under my breath, of course). We learned just enough about Kesey’s private life without it being overkill. The book was very much focused on the crimes and the ongoing investigations and I couldn’t put it down! A gratifying conclusion, and one I really didn’t see coming. Well-planned and cleverly plotted, this is one I’m delighted to give all five sparkling stars and a definite recommendation to all lovers of good crime thrillers.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy of this novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: psychological thriller

Author Bio

John Nicholl is a bestselling author, an ex-police officer, and a lecturer. He has written several darkly psychological suspense thrillers. His stories often have a strong Welsh flavor, and he began writing after leaving his job as the head of Child Protection Services.

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