The Ex-Boyfriend by Rona Halsall #BookReview #Bookouture #NetGalley #5*

He promised to love her until her dying day…

When Becca’s first love shows up on her social media feed, she can’t help but smile fondly. Once upon a time Connor was the love of her life, and though it was over ten years ago, he’s always held a place in her heart.

Then he sends her a message. He sounds happy – still kind and funny, still living across the world in Australia. But he wants to know everything about her life now. How can Becca tell him the truth? About her workaholic husband, her stressful job, and the challenges of caring for her elderly father and her longed-for, adorable but exhausting three-year-old daughter Mia?

Becca hesitates, knowing she shouldn’t even reply. But Connor lives on the other side of the world. Just how dangerous can becoming friends again be?

It feels harmless. Until Mia gets sick – in a way that no one can explain. And it starts to become clear – someone will do absolutely anything to make sure Becca never escapes her past…

A completely unputdownable psychological thriller – perfect for fans of My Lovely WifeThe Girl on the Train, and The Woman at the Window.

Gripping Read, Palpable Tension!

Well, this really is a psychological thriller – it will mess with your head!

Becca has a lot on her plate; she looks after her three-year old daughter Mia while her husband works hard at building his business which takes him away from home a lot of the time. With her mother dead and her father in poor health since his heart attack, she is always being made to feel guilty by her sister who moved back home to care for their father. Throw in a stressful part-time nursing job and you begin to see why she is thrilled when an ex-boyfriend makes contact on social media. Can she share her worries with him? Then things get worse as Mia get ill over and over again, and Becca begins to realise that not all those who profess support are on her side. Who to trust?

The tension is palpable in this novel – you can almost feel the immense pressure Becca is put under. Well-written and carefully plotted – as always from Rona Halsall – this one had my heart pounding in my ears more than once. I had no idea where it was going until all was revealed, and I liked that the book went on to include an epilogue explaining where everyone ended, tying it all up and leaving no questions unanswered. I was so drawn into this one that I read into the early hours long after I should have been asleep, and I would definitely recommend this to every reader who enjoys not knowing what’s going to happen next. Another five star read from this author!

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: psychological thriller

Author Bio

Rona Halsall was a management consultant for twenty years, spending most of her time writing strategies, business plans and grant applications, before dedicating herself to creative writing full-time. Her writing skills have been honed by reading voraciously, as well as undertaking an open university creative writing course.

Rona is a keen book reviewer and belongs to a number of online book and writing groups. She has three grown-up children, and two step-children and she lives on the Isle of Man with her husband. Her first book, Keep You Safe was published by Bookouture in August 2018.

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Twitter: @RonaHalsallAuth

Facebook: @RonaHalsallAuthor

Instagram: @RonaHalsallAuth

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