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Someone stole a baby…

One sunny day in July, someone took three-month-old Alicia Owen from her pram outside a supermarket. Her mother, Marie, was inside. No one saw who took Alicia. And no one could find her.

They silenced her cry…

Fifteen years later, a teenager on a construction site sees a tiny hand in the ground. When the police investigate, they find a baby buried and preserved in concrete. Could it be Alicia?

But the truth will always out.

When Alicia disappeared, the papers accused Marie of detachment and neglect. The Owens never got over the grief of their child’s disappearance and divorced not long after.

By reopening the case, DC Beth Chamberlain must reopen old wounds. But the killer may be closer than anyone ever suspected…


The latest crime thriller featuring Family Liaison Officer DC Beth Chamberlain, Hush Little Baby is tightly plotted, fraught with tension and impossible to put down. Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter and K.L. Slater.


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A Superb Series!        stars 5


A terrific addition to this wonderful series!

With the discovery of a baby’s body on a building site, the team of detectives – including DC Beth Chamberlain – find out that the only infant who has gone missing in there are was fifteen years ago. Could this possibly be the same child? In re-opening this cold case, Beth must act as liaison officer to the parents, now divorced, and take them through their painful past once more. At the same time, Beth has ongoing issues of her own to deal with. Can she cope with it all?

Once I’ve chosen a novel, I put it on my list and begin reading the story without referring to the blurb again; it made my day when Beth Chamberlain popped up in this one – I welcomed her like an old friend. This is a superb series, focusing very much on the crime and the case in hand but also showing the hard slog undertaken by all members of the team to get a result. I love that I can never find fault (not that I try to, you understand, but I hate to find obvious holes in a plot) and whilst each book is a new story and doesn’t hark back to the previous one there is a thread which connects them. The personal lives of those investigating is there but doesn’t get in the way of the daily grind. Each character comes to life on the page and there are, of course, the in-house politics to deal with. I can’t wait to see what Beth gets her teeth into next! I loved everything about this one, and highly recommend it. Absolutely a five star read!

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley and in particular to Vicky Joss for my spot in this tour; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: crime thriller, police procedural


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Author Bio


Jane Fallon


Jane Isaac is married to a serving detective and they live in rural Northamptonshire, UK with their daughter, and dog, Bollo. Jane loves to hear from readers and writers. You can reach her via her website at Sign up to her book club at for book recommendations and details of new releases, events and giveaways.


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Twitter: @JaneIsaacAuthor

Facebook: @JaneIsaacAuthor


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