July 2020


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July 2020



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How come the most anticipated two weeks of the year seem to go faster than all the others? With my husband planning to do some work in the garden this year, I’ve read more than I normally do when he’s off work, bring this month’s total to 26 books read and reviewed. As usual, my list was clear for two weeks so I used the time to catch up on books I fancied reading but had never found the time, several of them downloaded via Kindle First Reads where I get an about-to-be published novel (sometimes two) in advance of publication date.

A few years ago I read Laila Ibrahim’s ‘Yellow Crocus’, a novel set on a Virginian Plantation pre-abolition. This is a story I have never forgotten. When I discovered that there was a sequel, Mustard Seed, which was one of the Kindle First Read choices in May 2019 followed by Golden Poppies, a third book which was similarly free in May of this year. These two novels have lurked in my reading list, reads I have anticipated savouring – well, don’t we all have a book or two up our sleeves that we know we will enjoy? Both of these are superb five star reads but, for me, Mustard Seed has the edge and is absolutely awesome. So when it came to choosing my Book of the Month this time around, there was only really ever going to be one winner. I don’t often go back and re-read books these days due to the great ones on my reading list, but I’m sure that all three books are ones I will read again. If you enjoy a historical saga, why not give this trilogy a try?

So, onto August now – I wonder what that will bring? With my husband working from home for the foreseeable future nothing much is going to change in our household, but I have enjoyed interacting with our grandchildren again. I missed those dudes! I’m making the most of them as there is talk of a second wave of Covid 19 when we shall, no doubt find ourselves in lockdown again. The only ones not complaining are our two labradors who are loving the company and really don’t like it when my other half needs to go out these days! I hope you all stay safe during these precarious times. See you next month, I hope, and in the meantime ..



G Feb 2020




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