May 2020


8. GJR Heart 250



BOTM 05.20



02. Hrt 175 centred




I don’t know about you but, for me, time in lockdown is just racing past! Admittedly, life hasn’t changed much for me personally and I now have my husband working from home (the labradors are elated). After some mixed weather in recent weeks, it’s a pleasure to welcome back the sunshine in the last few days and I’ve been reading outside alternating sun and shade.

It’s a real pleasure to take some time at the end of each month and look back at the books read – twenty four this month (target of 20 has just disappeared into the ether). With next in series from several authors, new series from a couple of favourite authors, some thrillers and a few historical reads this has been an excellent and varied month of reading.

Without a doubt, this is the hardest I’ve ever found it to pick just one outstanding novel; I even – briefly – considered doubling up but forced myself to think harder! I have been thoroughly entertained, mesmerised, moved to tears as well as laughter over the past few weeks, but find myself continually coming back to one. An all-consuming novel which I can clearly recall, this is an exceptional read. Written by a very talented author, I discovered things about WWII which I was entirely unaware of and it is both joyful and sad. A haunting read, without a doubt, and one I would urge you to add to your reading list. I’m thrilled to call People Like Us by Louise Fein my Book of the Month.

So, on to next month – the tbr list is constant. With 30 books to read and review in 30 days I shall be found with my kindle in my hand, hopefully outside in the glorious sunshine! As always, I’m very grateful to the authors and publishers who entrust their books to me. Take care, and stay safe in these troubling times.









02. Hrt 175 centred


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