April 2020


8. GJR Heart 250



April 2020



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Here we are again! Still on lockdown, the vast majority of people working from home and staying as a safe distance from their nearest and dearest. A fabulous burst of sunshine and heat has kept most of our spirits up and I wonder if some of you, like me, have got that ‘healthy glow’ that comes with some outside living? 

It’s been a busy month of reading with twenty-six books reviewed in thirty days – not bad going by any means. I am grateful to all the authors who continue to produce such fine books and the publishers who liaise with bloggers like myself to get the word out there! With a fine array of styles and genres from some favourite authors along with some which are new to me, I have had a cracking month of enjoyment from these novels. Picking one outstanding read is never easy but I have read through my reviews and decided that Hackney Central is the Book of the Month for me. A police procedural crime thriller, where the detectives follow the facts is always an attractive proposition and this is is delivered in crisp writing by Michael K. Foster which just kept me focused all the way through. A worthy winner!

Let’s meet again at the end of next month and see what – if anything – has changed for us all. In the meantime, keep stacking up the books!








02. Hrt 175 centred




2 thoughts on “April 2020

  1. Hello Grace,

    I’ve been following your reviews and love them. I don’t suppose you would consider reviewing my book would you? I’m very new to all this so please forgive the forward approach but my book launches in a few days and it won’t be the traditional sort of book launch. My book is my debut crime book in a new series, called The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder published by Joffe Books. It’s a classic whodunnit in the Golden age style of Agatha Christie but with a dark humour to bring it into the modern day. When a book club go to an isolated mansion and are snowed in, the murders begin. The book is available on Netgalley or I can send a PDF if you prefer.

    I do hope you’re keeping well,
    Best wishes,
    Victoria Dowd

    Sent from my iPad

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