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Written by A. M. Castle


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Louise Bridges has the perfect life.

A loving husband, Patrick. Two adorable children. A comfortable home.

So when PC Becca Holt arrives to break the news that Patrick has been killed in an accident, she thinks Louise’s perfect world is about to collapse around her.

But Louise doesn’t react in the way Becca would expect her to on hearing of her husband’s death. And there are only three plates set out for dinner, as if Louise already knew Patrick wouldn’t be home that night…

The more Becca digs, the more secrets she uncovers in the Bridges’ marriage – and the more she wonders just how far Louise would go to get what she wants…

Is Louise a loving wife – or a cold-hearted killer?


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100 GJR hrt


A Stunning Read, Staggeringly Gratifying!      Stars 5


This is another author who has written in a different genre the one I”m used to reading from her – and what a successful move it is!!

Louise Bridges has a perfect life: perfect husband, two perfect children – one of each, of course – and a stunning, perfect home. She devotes herself to her family and has never stopped loving husband Patrick. After receiving the shattering news of Patrick’s death, one of the police officers finds it playing on her mind afterwards about how Louise reacted to the dreadful words they had to impart. Why didn’t her world cave in on her, as would be expected? Despite an official verdict to the contrary, Becca decides to look into this ‘off the books’ hoping it may gain her recognition and advance her career in the force.

I know this author’s work really well; I’m a big fan of her London Murder Mysteries and have always felt that her journalistic background shows through in the tremendous use of language in her novels. The Perfect Widow is a stunning read, securing this author’s place in the world of thrillers. Skilfully crafted, and slowly revealing the whole story, my attention was not only on the page – I couldn’t take my eyes off it! The story is told on two time-scales – the present and the past – and also from two different points of view: that of both Louise and Becca. Right up until the very last, I couldn’t have told you which way this was going and I was utterly astounded at the ending! An staggeringly gratifying read and one I’m thrilled to have read. Within any doubt, a sparkling five stars – and no less – will do!

My thanks to publisher HQ Digital for my copy via NetGalley. All stated opinions are both entirely my own and completely honest.


Tags: psychological thriller
  • Format: ebook, paperback, audio
  • Size: 384 pages
  • Publisher: HQ Digital
  • Publication Date: 15 November 2019
  • Purchase Links: Google Play
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Author Bio




Before turning to crime, Alice Castle was a feature writer on national newspapers including the Daily Express, The Times and The Daily Telegraph. Alice lives in south east London and is married with two children, two stepchildren and two cats. She writes psychological thrillers for HQDigital under the name A.M. Castle and the London Murder Mystery cozy crime series for Darkstroke as Alice Castle.


Social Media


Twitter: @AliceMCastle


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