October Retrospective


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While the south of the country has been suffering non-stop rain with severe flooding in places, it’s been a lot drier in Scotland. We’re currently waking up to hard frosts with white grass and and icy chills every time the door is opened!

It’s been another busy month of reading with a great variety of books including several from authors new to me. Totalling thirty novels, I’ve been kept on my toes but with Christmas fast approaching I’m cutting down for the remainder of the year to allow me time to do all the festive stuff like gift buying, wrapping and – of course – putting the tree up! I love this time of year – do you?

I was stunned and shocked to the core this month to find myself a finalist in The Most Supportive Blogger Awards from MyVLF along with four other wonderful bloggers. If you would care to cast a vote, then you can do so HERE. (Voting closes 17 November)

MyVLF is a free-to-register site and well worth signing up to as it contains lots of information for book-lovers! Why not take a look?

So, onto this months favourite read and, as is usual, there are so many fantastic books to choose from! With lots of different authors and genres to choose from, I have finally decided to plump for one of my favourites. Emma Davies has written some beautifully crafted books in the women’s fiction genre, and she creates realistic characters which really get under your skin. I have followed her novels since the very beginning and always relished have a new one to look forward to but, in my opinion, she has surpassed herself with The Little Shop on Silver Linings Street! It is absolutely gorgeous: warm, cosy, charming and utterly delicious all the way through and definitely deserves to take it’s place as my Book of the Month.

So, with the end of the month nigh, November is next up. I have twenty-two books on my list currently (I was aiming for twenty!) and really must not add any more! Watch this space …

Thank you for joining me once again, your company is always appreciated! Remember you can follow me on both Facebook and Twitter.

See you at the end of November … happy reading!



Grace 2.










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