September Retrospective


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Whilst it may still be warm where you are, in Scotland it’s definitely autumnal ~ we’ve even had a touch of frost in the mornings! Ultimately, this has meant an end to my days of languishing outdoors with my kindle, coffee, labradors (and carrots), and instead I’ve been settling on the sofa, feet up on footstool, fire on and a furry head or two on my lap  . . .

It’s been another busy month; I started off with 25 on my list but by the time I finished that had jumped to 28! Next month has even more at thirty, and I’m determined to add no more – watch this space! I have plans for less in November and December to allow me to catch up on books I would love to read but never have time, as well as festive preparations. Have you began Christmas shopping yet? Yes, I’m guilty – so love to be organised and prepared! I’ve also received another badge from NetGalley, this time for having reviewed 500 books on the site; not everything I read comes via there, but it’s uplifting to be able to display this – check it out on the right hand side of this page!

Back to this month’s novels read and reviewed . . I’m incredibly honoured to receive so many wonderful books and had several to choose from for my Book of the Month. With careful consideration, I really couldn’t see past Avaline Saddlebags by Netta Newbound and Marcus Brown. It is a serious crime story with some fairly gruesome crimes – but this is a book of two halves! The title puzzled me until I was really into it, then all is explained and I must add that I have NEVER laughed so much at a crime thriller! This is so very different – it’s quite amazing, and I really cannot recommend it highly enough. The best news is that it’s the first in a new series and I can barely wait to receive the next one! I trust this dynamic duo are busy beavering away with more sparkling ideas which their partnership obviously produces. Absolutely fabulous really doesn’t do justice to their first novel together !

So enjoy the autumn days when they reach you and keep checking out my reviews and, please, keep the comments coming – I just love them!


Until next month, happy reading!








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