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Written by Edith Maxwell


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Quaker midwife Rose Carroll must fight bias and blind assumptions to clear the name of a friend when a murderer strikes in nineteenth-century Massachusetts . . .

No stranger to judgmental attitudes in her small town of Amesbury, Quaker midwife Rose Carroll is nonetheless stunned when society matron Mayme Settle publicly snubs her good friend Bertie for her nontraditional lifestyle. When Mrs. Settle is later found murdered—and a supposed witness insists Bertie was spotted near the scene of the crime—the police have no choice but to set their sights on the slighted woman as their main suspect.

Rose is certain her friend is innocent of the heinous deed, and when Rose isn’t busy tending to her duties as midwife, she enlists the help of a blind pregnant client—who’s endured her own share of prejudice—to help her sift through the clues. As the two uncover a slew of suspects tied to financial intrigues, illicit love, and an age-old grudge over perceived wrongs, Rose knows she’ll have to bring all her formidable intelligence to bear on solving the crime.

Because circumstantial evidence can loom large in small minds, and she fears her friend will soon become the victim of a grave injustice . . .


100 GJR hrt




100 GJR hrt


A Fantastic Fifth Novel in this Fabulous Series!    Stars 5


A fantastic fifth mystery in this superb series, full of period details and so very enjoyable!

As a friend, Rose Carroll has a fine moral compass; she believes in accepting everyone as they come so when disparaging comments are made about her friends she finds it quite offensive, and regards the accusers with disdain. Going about her normal midwifery duties, it’s not long before she hears of another murder in the small town of Amesbury and despite trying to avoid being sucked in, soon finds herself pondering on who and why . . .

I love this series! The details are limitless and reflect the impeccable research which the author obviously undertakes. Perfect for the period it’s set in, I never fail to be mesmerised with life in the 19th century and Rose’s forward thinking Quaker ways. I’m rather fascinated with the religious details, and love learning more about the faith. As well as a murder to solve and the continuation of Rose’s midwife practice, we are also privy to how her relationship with her betrothed, David, is progressing and it all adds up to a very exciting and interesting read! A fine addition to the Quaker Midwife Series, and I do hope there are more to come; I feel as if I know Rose, her family and friends rather well now and would like to extend my acquaintance! I also follow this author’s writing as Maddie Day, and can highly recommend all her novels. This is a fabulous five star read!

My thanks to publisher Beyond The Page for my copy via NetGalley. This is, as always, my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: historical mystery
  • Format: ebook, paperback
  • Size: 327 pages
  • Publisher: Beyond The Page Publishing
  • Publication Date: 10 September 2019
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Author Bio



Agatha- and Macavity-nominated author Edith Maxwell writes the Amesbury-based Quaker Midwife historical mysteries, the Local Foods Mysteries, and award-winning short crime fiction. As Maddie Day she writes the Country Store Mysteries and the Cozy Capers Book Group Mysteries. A long-time Quaker and former doula, Maxwell lives north of Boston with her beau, two elderly cats, and an impressive array of garden statuary. She blogs at WickedAuthors.com and KillerCharacters.com. Read about all her personalities and her work at edithmaxwell.com.



Social Media


Website: https://edithmaxwell.com/

Twitter: @edithmaxwell

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edith.maxwell.writer


100 GJR hrt


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