August Retrospective


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August has given us variety in the weather as well as in the novels I’ve read and reviewed. I began the month enjoying fresh air as I settled with my kindle, coffee, labradors and carrots in the garden to enjoy the sunshine. Fast forward a couple of weeks and it was back inside with the fire on after being rained off – and then last weekend came the joy of a few Indian summer days which saw us outside in the gazebo, in order to shade from the scorching sun! It was a welcome blast of summer, but it’s been very autumnal since. Sadly, the weather in Scotland is much chillier than it is further south and the forecast is for ground frost this coming week!

I’ve had a wonderful variety of novels to enjoy this month .. thrillers, romance, sagas and so much more! I’m very grateful to all the authors, publishers and Tour Hosts who give me such a wonderful array of books to enjoy. Choosing just one to be Book of the Month was harder than ever and I re-read my reviews to help me get there. It’s fun to look back and remember all twenty-seven of them – some seem like just yesterday and it’s scary to think that we’re almost onto the ninth month of the year (or am I just getting old?). The warm satisfaction engineered by Abby William’s The Time of Our Lives just wouldn’t go away; it’s a novel about the most unlikely of friendships, rich in detail and a very memorable read.

So onwards to September where I have slightly less books to read, as well as some other posts to share so it will be another busy month. I’ve been looking forward to several of those on my list, so I hope you’ll join me to discover all about them.  

Happy Reading!









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