One Night in Provence #BookReview #RKAuthorServices

Written by Barbara Wallace


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Can an unexpected affair…

lead to a lifetime of happiness?

On holiday in Provence, Jenna Brown embarks on a no-strings affair with a handsome stranger.

Yet there’s more to wealthy playboy and confirmed bachelor Philippe D’Usay than meets the eye.

But when Jenna discovers she’s pregnant, they must decide if their short-term affair could become a life together forever!


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100 GJR hrt


A Charming, Warm Read!    Stars 4


It’s a long time since I read a Mills & Boon novel, but I found this to be a nice, easy read.

Jenna Brown and her friend, Shirley, are both nurses in Nantucket and together they were heading for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday in Provence – until Shirley became too unwell to travel. As a result, Jenna finds herself all alone in a luxury hotel in a french chateau, pledging to make the most of her trip. When she meets Philippe, both handsome and charismatic, she has him marked down as a playboy and is determined not to become another notch on his bedpost – but he’s extremely persistent . . .

This is a lovely, warm read. The ‘will they – won’t they’ part of the story is charming and sweet, and it was a delight to see the relationship between both main characters develop. It’s a well planned story and the author follows through all the way to the end. An engaging and romantic tale, well written and most enjoyable which I’m happy to recommend to lovers of romantic fiction. It earns a well-deserved four stars from me.

My thanks to RK Author Services for requesting my review and providing my copy. All opinions are entirely my own and completely honest.


Tags: romance
  • Format: ebook, paperback, hardcover
  • Size: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Mills & Boon
  • Publication Date: 11 July 2019
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Author Bio




Hey there, Hi There, Ho There! Welcome to my Internet Home.

My love affair with writing began the day my best friend, Kim, showed me her “novel”, an illustrated tome about her cat. Impressionable eight-year-old that I was, I decided to write a novel of my own.

Needless to say, that novel, The Adventures of Ginger the Cat, failed to hit the bestseller’s lists. Neither did my second effort, The Tame, Tame East, an all female version of the Robert Conrad TV series. That didn’t matter. I was hooked. In high school, while other kids played Pac-Man, and checked out the Eagles’ latest, I was in my room pounding out stories on my manual typewriter.

Looking back, I see now that romance played a central role in my stories from the beginning. No matter what genre I wrote (and I wrote all of them), I always inserted a happy ending. Heck, even The Adventures of Ginger featured a wedding. To me, there’s nothing more captivating than the anticipation of seduction, and the rush that comes from finding true love.  However, it wasn’t until a co-worker handed me a romance novel that my writing finally found its true home.

For years I limited my dreams to nights, weekends and commuter train trips while working as a communications specialist, PR freelancer and full-time mom.  Then, in 2007, after winning RWA®’s prestigious Golden Heart® award, and with my family’s blessing, I finally chucked the day job to pursue writing full time.  It turned out to be the best decision I ever made, because in 2009 my dreams came true.  I sold to Harlequin Romance®.

A life-long Yankee, I currently live in Massachusetts with my own true love and our teenage son. We also have two cats, neither of whom will have a book written about them.

Want to get to know me better?  Visit my blog at

*Author pic & bio taken from her website


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