The Women of Mulberry Lane #BookReview #Aria #NetGalley

Written by Rosie Clarke


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Love and heartbreak, birth and death, joy amid hardship, are all here in the gripping fifth novel about the people of Mulberry Lane during World War Two.

The war is nearly over – or is it?

The women of Mulberry Lane anxiously wait for news. Peggy doesn’t know if she’ll ever again see Able, the American father of her twins, while a very odd letter from estranged husband, Laurie, threatens to set the cat among the pigeons. Rose can’t stop loving Jimmy, while Tom can’t stop loving her. Will Gordon ever again be the man he once was? Can he be a proper husband to Maureen, and if he can’t, what will become of their marriage?

The men, women and children of Mulberry Lane fight on with indomitable spirit, as the endgame of the Second World War enters its most deadly phase.


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Very Satisfying End to a Wonderful Series!    Stars 5


An absolutely terrific conclusion to this heartwarming series! 

As it nears the end of the war the women of Mulberry Lane face even more worry and heartbreak and, as they have done throughout the fighting years, they draw together and support each other through thick and thin .. and there are some very hard times indeed.

I have loved everything about these books. Rosie Clarke has hit exactly the right notes, keeping the story true to real life during World War Two while creating a fabulous array of characters. The hardships along with the day to day struggles make for riveting reading and with several families in the lane, there is a great variety of personalities and stories. Everything about this rang true – not that I was around during the war, but I have read plenty about it and my own parents survived it – although I do realise that life in the capital city was far removed from that in the Scottish countryside! I have enjoyed each and every one of the previous four novels but this one brings everything to a very satisfying end, leaving no story line unfinished and I shall miss the Mulberry Lane books. However, I’m looking forward to whatever this author comes up with next – she’s always worth reading. A full five stars for this one, no doubt about it.

My thanks to publisher Aria for my copy via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review. 


Tags: historical, women, WWII
  • Format: ebook, paperback
  • Size: 338 pages
  • Publisher: Aria
  • Publication Date: 1 August 2019
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Rosie is happily married and lives in a quiet village in East Anglia. Writing books is a passion for Rosie, she also likes to read, watch good films and enjoys holidays in the sunshine. She loves shoes and adores animals, especially squirrels and dogs.



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