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Written by Vivian Conroy


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The mist-shrouded moors of Devon proffer a trove of delights for two vacationing zoologists—but also conceal a hoard of dark secrets reaching down to the fathomless depths of the ocean.

Miss Merula Merriweather barely saved her uncle from the gallows after he was wrongly accused of murder—and now, she’s left the bustle of Victorian London to recuperate in the fresh air of Dartmoor with her fellow zoologist, Lord Raven Royston. The trip offers a unique treat, as they’ll be staying with a friend of Raven’s, who owns a collection of rare zoological specimens—including a kraken, a sea monster of myth and legend.

But all is not right in the land of tors, heaths, and mist. Their host’s maid has vanished without a trace, and the townspeople hold him responsible, claiming that his specimens are alive and roam the moors at night, bringing death to anyone who crosses their path. Merula and Raven are skeptical—but the accusations become more ominous when they find several specimen jars empty.

As the two hunt for clues across a desolate and beautiful landscape, a stranger appears bearing a shadowy secret from Merula’s past.

Could there be a connection between her family history, the missing girl, and a fearsome monster that could be on the loose? The race is on to find the truth.


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100 GJR hrt


Superb Read .. Full of Intrigue!    Stars 5


I enjoyed the first in the Merriweather and Royston mysteries immensely, and the second one lives up to the promise that this would be a stunning and very satisfying series.

Following on from the events in the first book, Merula Merriweather, under the watchful eye of Raven Royston, heads for the country to recover from the injuries she has sustained as well as getting her out of London for a while. However, before they even reach their destination of Dartmoor there are signs of trouble; it seems to follow them around!

What follows is a puzzling and enthralling tale of intrigue. Not easy to work out, and so much the better for it! With a murder to solve and a friend being wrongly accused, there is plenty for the pair to ponder on and an abundance of characters to suspect. As with all the best tales, there is more than one thread to this tale, and they progress side by side. Not in the least a straightforward mystery, and a worthy successor to The Butterfly Conspiracy.

Vivan Conroy writes many different kinds of mysteries; his ‘cosies’ are excellent entertainment, his period mysteries always well researched and plotted but I think that this mystery series tops them all. These are utterly superb; true to the time they are set in and gripping, interesting reads. With a little hint at the end of this one as to where they may head next, I cannot wait! In the style of some of the very best mystery writers this is a superb read and one I highly recommend to all those who love a good historical mystery. As such, it is absolutely a five star read!

My thanks to publisher Crooked Lane Books for my copy via NetGalley. All opinions are, as always, strictly honest and entirely my own.

Tags: historical mystery
  • Format: ebook, hardcover
  • Size: 313 pages
  • Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
  • Publication Date: 13 August 2019
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Author Bio



VIVIAN CONROY discovered Agatha Christie at thirteen and devoured all the Poirot and Miss Marple stories. Even more fun than reading was thinking up her own fog-filled alleys, missing heirs and priceless artefacts. So Vivian created feisty Lady Alkmene and reporter Jake Dubois sleuthing in 1920s’ London and the countryside, first appearing in A Proposal to Die For. For the latest on #LadyAlkmene, with a dash of dogs and chocolate, follow Vivian on Twitter via @VivWrites


100 GJR hrt


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