July Retrospective


150 hrt


Month July 2019





What a quick month! We spent the first two weeks looking forward to my husband having a break from work, and the second fortnight working on the house (well – he did, I ‘supervised’)! As often happens with older houses, we have hit a series of obstacles but hopefully it’ll all be finished soon – at least, that’s what we keep telling ourselves . . .

At long last, the weather has been truly gorgeous. We have been forecast for thunder and lightning several times but it’s never came to anything (yet); just the odd rainy day – and gentle rain at that. I’m pleased to say that even the wet days are still warm – practically unknown in Scotland. Long may it continue!

I cut down on my list for July – even I was amazed to see I still read a total of 20 books. With some more holiday type reads, it’s been an easier month although I did relish the thrillers too. Picking one stand-out novel is never easy, but this month I plumped for a feel-good read which made me laugh. Fiona Perrin’s ‘How to Make Time For Me’ was so realistic – but so funny with it! Anyone who has ever been a single mother to more than one child, had one or more parents to consider whilst working full-time to boot, needs a sense of humour to keep them sane and this book is scarily true-to-life. I giggled all the way through – and no, I wouldn’t want to go back to those days. I sometimes wonder how I survived!

You can find all my social media links on this page – I’m always thrilled to have more followers, so don’t be shy! Onwards to August, and a packed reading list. What are you all reading? Let me know . . .


Grace 3.





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