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Written by Liz Hinds


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The Dog-walking Club




Every dog walk brings new drama into the lives of these dogs and their people.

A supermarket shelf-stacker, a stay-at-home dad, an elderly widow and a freelance photographer sound an unlikely bunch of friends but they have one thing in common: they all walk their dogs in Beauville Park at roughly the same time each morning. And that’s enough for Angela, bored organiser without a cause, to get them together to form the Dog-walking Club.

For Jock the Scottie, Benji the spaniel, Pixie the boxer, Mitzi the poodle and Bassett the … all sorts, walking each day with their friends is a dream come true.

And it changes the lives of widowed Sybil who’s spent a lifetime hiding her secret sorrow, hopeless-with-women Jon who’s wandering almost unwittingly into an affair, freelance photographer Jemma who is at every wedding but her own, and Maggi who is frantically trying to save money to visit her family in Australia.

And for long-suffering Angela a nasty shock turns into a new start in disguise for her and her husband – and their love life.




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A Feel-Good Read!     Stars 4


A very pleasant, warm read which will leave you with a smile on your face!

A random group of people each walk their dogs in the local park each morning at roughly the same time; one of them, Angela, decides it’s high time they got together each day and walked together. Not only is it good for building friendships among the walkers, it has the added benefits of socialising the dogs!

This is a really lovely book; with a range of differing ages and personalities, the reader gets an insight into the life of each. Their daily routines are varied, but the morning walk together gives each of them a focus to their day and out of their interactions some real friendships pop up. This is one which will gladden your heart and make you so happy you picked it up, and is a welcome distraction from all the crime thrillers on my list. Definitely a feel-good read and one I enjoyed immensely. Four stars!

My thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources both for my copy and for including me in this Blog Tour. As always, this is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: friendship, women’s fiction
  • Format: ebook, paperback
  • Size: 393 pages
  • Publisher: amazon media
  • Publication Date: 7 October 2018
  • Purchase Links: amazon




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Meet the Author


The Dog Walking - liz

I’m a golden-retriever-loving granny, who enjoys walking by the sea or in the woods, who eats too much chocolate and gets over-excited when the Welsh team plays rugby.

Writing-wise, I am an experienced freelance writer – published in The Guardian, Christian Herald and various other magazines and newspapers – with an MA in Creative Writing (Trinity College, University of Wales). My short stories have been published in Cambrensis (the now sadly-defunct short story magazine of Wales) as well as in several anthologies including Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe (Parthian) and Catwomen from Hell (Honno). I am also the author of several non-fiction books published by Hodder & Stoughton, Scripture Union and Kevin Mayhew.

I have self-published two novels, This Time Last Year, and The Dog-walking Club.

I enjoy speaking about my writing to various gatherings and the media, and am an active blogger, facebooker and tweeter.


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