June Retrospective


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Up until the last few days we’ve all been wondering what happened to summer; however just a few warmer days makes all the difference! Even though the heat is becoming oppressive and we’ve had thunder and lightning followed by rain today, it has lifted everyone’s spirits. Now the schools have broken up until mid-August, it make us believe that summer is more of a possibility!


I’ve enjoyed another wonderful month of reading. With a total of 26 book completed, I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed each and every one .. I suspect I’m getting better at choosing them. although that should never take away from the hard work that authors put into each and every novel. Truth be told, I’m rather in awe of their talents – I cannot see me ever coming up with any kind of novel, never mind one others would want to read! 


I consider myself extremely lucky to be offered the opportunity to peruse, enjoy and, yes, live with so many fabulous stories and characters in my head. Choosing one stand-out book is never easy but, this month, one novel stands out beyond any other I’ve read – and not just this past month! Conrad Jones is best known for producing best selling crime novels, but his book The Journey is of a different genre and even now, more than a dozen books later, I still find myself unable to stop pondering this one. It really is compulsory reading and, in my humble opinion, should be a novel available in every library and school. What a book! Please, if you only take one recommendation from me this year, make it be this one – you will not regret it!


So, with June all but over it’s on to July where I have fewer books lined up a we’re embarking on some redecoration. But I will be posting – remember, you can follow me on social media (links on the right-hand side) and you can also follow my blog.


Have a wonderful summer – may you get the chance to read in the sunshine!


Grace 4.











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