May Retrospective


150 hrt






With a total of thirty books on this month’s list I’ve been a very busy – and one very lucky – reader! I cannot remember ever working through so many fantastic novels in one calendar month before and, ultimately, choosing just one as book of the month has been harder than ever!

Over the last week or so it’s been chillier and the rain has returned, so there’s not been a lot of garden reading going on, but here’s hoping the sun will put in a prolonged appearance in June. At the moment, next month is almost – but not quite – as busy book-wise.

Books in may included a variety of thrillers, some great women’s fiction, several mysteries and plenty of lighter moments; sometimes where I least expected them. I briefly considered choosing two favourites but really wanted to stick with my tried and trusted format. So after much – and boy, do I mean MUCH – thought, I finally chose ‘No Way Out’ by Tim Weaver as my Book of the Month. Tenth book in the David Raker series this, for me, lifted this series to a whole new level. I was enthralled all the way through and lost myself completely in the story. Tim Weaver has, in my opinion, excelled himself with this latest novel and I find myself really hoping there will be an eleventh book!

Have you read any of these novels? Let me know! I’m very interested to hear what others think of my choices.

Wishing you all a wonderful June, packed with exciting and interesting novels!


Grace 1.






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