April Retrospective

150 hrt


April 04





Finally, I’m happy to report that the temperature in my wee corner of Scotland has risen enough to let me sit outside in the garden to read; not every day, but enough to finally chase the chill from my bones!

With a total of twenty-four books this month, it’s been a busy time. I consider myself very lucky to have read so many fine novels across a variety of genres. Along with the light-hearted giggly ones, I have puzzled my way through one or two mysteries, been shocked and surprised with events in thrillers and been given a warm glow by others. So you know that picking that one outstanding read for April has got no easier . . .

After reading through my reviews again, and reminiscing over the talented authors whose work I’ve read this month, I realised that The Suspects by Katharine Johnson stood out for me. Such a stunning read! Very cleverly structured, different to anything else I’ve read for quite some time with an absolutely stunning conclusion. How I enjoyed this one, so it’s fully deserving of the title Book of the Month.

Next month promises to be even busier so I hope you enjoy my chosen reads. Have a wonderful month of May!


Grace 2.






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