Wartime Sweethearts #BookReview #NetGalley

Written by Lola Jaye


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An English Girl. An American Soldier. A twin secret…

When Rose meets American GI William there is no denying the attraction between them…And even though she knows her family would not approve of her relationship with a black soldier, they can’t help but fall in love.

However Rose has a secret of her own and when war separates the sweethearts before she can confide in William, it is Rose who will have to deal with the consequences…

From the author of Orphan Sisters comes a moving and unique saga which gives a voice to the untold tales of our past.




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Absorbing, Engrossing – and Very Touching!  Stars 5


I decided to request this one when I saw the author tweeting about the forthcoming publication date on Twitter – and I’m so glad I did!

Rose meets William when the GIs are posted to England during WWII. Rose falls deeply in love but she knows her family would not approve due to his heritage, and William feels exactly the same way about Rose. But war is a cruel master and they are separated before Rose can manage to share her secret with her beau. And the consequences are far reaching . . .

What a story! Absorbing, engrossing, entertaining and very touching – it is a page-turning read. With poverty, tenderness and racism it is, at times, shocking. I believe that everyone in this world is equal regardless of race, creed, religion (or even what football team is supported) and the dreadful way some of the character were treated in their way through life, whilst true and believable, really saddened me. But that is only a part of this novel; with plenty going on this is beautifully written and flows smoothly throughout. The characters come alive on the page and are varied and interesting as well as so true-to-life. It is a wonderful creation – I couldn’t find fault with this one even if I wanted to, and it has certainly brought author Lola Jaye onto my radar. I hope to find time to catch up with her previous novels and will certainly be looking out for any future offerings. Fully worthy of the full five stars which I’m delighted to give!

My thanks to publisher Ebury Digital for my copy via NetGalley, and to the author for drawing my attention to her novel. As always, all opinions stated here are entirely my own.


Tags: family saga, WWII

  • Format: ebook, paperback, audio
  • Size: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Ebury Digital
  • Publication Date: 18 April 2019
  • Purchase Links: Google Play
  •                                 Kobo
  •                                 W. H. Smith
  •                                 Waterstones
  •                                 amazon




Meet the Author


Author Image.jpg


Lola Jaye is a Penguin/Random House author who has penned four novels and a self-help book.

She was born and raised in London, England and has lived in Nigeria and the United States. She has a Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counseling.

Lola’s novels have also been translated into several languages including Korean, German and Serbian. She contributed to the sequel of the bestseller ‘Lean In’ penned by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and has also written for The Huffington Post, CNN, Essence and Marie Claire.

Lola currently works as a psychotherapist and writing coach. She is also working on her new book and a YA novel under a pseudonym.

Find out more about Lola and what she’s been up to by visiting her website; www.lolajaye.com, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.




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