The Evidence Against You #BookReview #NetGalley

Written by Gillian McAllister


150 hrt


It’s the day Izzy English’s father will be released from jail.

She has every reason to feel conflicted – he’s the man who gave her a childhood filled with happy memories.

But he has also just served seventeen years for the murder of her mother.

Now, Izzy’s father sends her a letter. He wants to talk, to defend himself against each piece of evidence from his trial.

But should she give him the benefit of the doubt?

Or is her father guilty as charged, and luring her into a trap?








Lively, Exciting – and Flawless!  Stars 5


Wow! This is a packed read – a bit like eating a sandwich with so much filling you can hardly hold it together!

Izzy English’s life fell apart the day her mother was murdered; then her father was found guilty of the crime and Izzy’s life was never the same again. Now, having served his sentence he is returning to the place where Izzy still lives, and he wants her to help prove his innocence. Does she trust him, or is she afraid of him?

Unusually for me, I read this over a number of days – yep, life sometimes gets in the way of reading! Therefore I probably had more time to mull over events, both current and previous than I usually have, but even with that I still had no idea how it was going to end. There is so much information to process and doubt creeps through every single bit of it. Learning how things were in their family, enjoying Izzy’s childhood memories, didn’t make knowing who to trust any easier. I think I suspected every single character at one time or another! Did Izzy believe her father? Well, why should she when even I didn’t know whether he was trustworthy or not!

An extremely well-plotted thriller with excellent characterisation which really comes alive on the page, and is a tremendously exciting fourth read from Gillian McAllister. The writing is lively, exciting and flawless, continuing to play on my mind even now when I have completed the story. I love that by the end any and all questions which arose during the book had been addressed and I’m already looking forward to what this author will come up with next – her books are becoming ‘must reads’ for me, and fully earn each one of the five golden stars I’m happy to bestow on it.

My grateful thanks to publisher Penguin for approving my copy via NetGalley. Of course, this review includes only my own honest and original opinions.


Tags: psychological thriller
  • Format: ebook, paperback, audio
  • Size: 437 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Publication Date: 18 April 2019
  • Purchase Links: Google Play
  •                                 Kobo
  •                                 W. H. Smith
  •                                 Waterstones
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Meet the Author



Gillian McAllister has been writing for as long as she can remember. She graduated with an English degree before working as a lawyer. She lives in Birmingham where she now writes full-time. She is the Sunday Times bestselling author of Everything but the Truth, Anything You Do Say and No Further Questions.



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Twitter: @GillianMAuthor





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