Spring at the Little Cornish Gift Shop #BookReview #RachelGriffiths

Written by Rachel Griffiths


150 hrt


Jake Woodhouse has stayed on at Driftwood Cottage for longer than he planned, but he just can’t seem to find the will to move on.

It’s partly to do with the fact that he loves the location, but also because he doesn’t like the idea of leaving his friend Ruby Penrose behind.
Ruby is enjoying being back in Cornwall, working at the Little Cornish Gift Shop, eating all the delicious food her nanna makes and spending time with Jake. Her creative flair has also returned and she’s been working on a few different projects.
A shock phone call from his mother forces Jake to consider his options. He still has issues from his past hanging over him and he knows he can’t really move on until he deals with them.
When Jake leaves, Ruby knows it’s for the best, but she can’t help wondering what might have happened if he’d stayed.

This is the second short story in The Little Cornish Gift Shop series.









Superb Story in an Idyllic Setting!  Stars 5


A second superb read in this glorious series! After a very grey and cold beginning to spring, this has given me a much needed taste of what’s to come when the Scottish weather finally gets it’s act together!

Following on from the first, this next book reminds us of the tentative relationship between Ruby and Jake, a tv reality star who is hiding away in Cornwall by renting a cottage from her nanna. Ruby is more than happy working with Nanna Harriet in her gift shop, enjoying home-cooked meals and walking Amber the greyhound along with Jake and his bulldog Sherlock. Life is good and she is content, which is a sure sign that something’s going to happen to change all that …

Rachel Griffiths has, once again, conjured up a magical series in an idyllic location with very personable characters who very quickly become real and intriguing to the reader. Beautifully written, as always, and creatively developed this is a very worthy addition to my library of this author’s books. I’ve read a few novels set in the county of Cornwall lately and with each one comes the notion to visit the area. Descriptive of both the people and the area of Bothilde Bay, this is sure to make you think of a trip to Cornwall too.

This novella moves the story on in an unexpected direction – and I loved it! As it ends with a bit of a question mark around the relationship between Ruby and Jake, I’m really looking forward to the next instalment to find out what happens next. Most definitely a recommended read, and completely worthy of five plump little shining stars!

My grateful thanks to the author for my copy. This is, as always, my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: rom-com
  • Format: ebook
  • Size: 109 pages
  • Publisher: Cosy Cottage Books
  • Publication Date: 28 March 2019
  • Purchase Links: amazon




Meet the Author


Rachel GriffithsRachel Griffiths is an author, wife, mother, Earl Grey tea drinker, gin enthusiast, dog walker and fan of the afternoon nap. She loves to read, write and spend time with her family. Over the years, she has had a variety of jobs including stacking supermarket shelves, polishing soaps in a health and beauty shop and teaching pupils how to read and write. After almost twenty years in the classroom, she is lucky enough to be living her dream as a full-time writer.


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