February Retrospective

150 hrt






February this year has been much kinder than last; this time last year the UK was in the grip of ‘the beast from the east’. This last week has seen record temperatures for the month – not quite as warm in Scotland, mind you – but still much nicer to see sunshine than snow!

I’ve settled back into the rhythm of reading this month, and am happy to have completed twenty novels ranging from Indie to best-selling authors, rom-coms to psychological thrillers and plenty in between. It’s been one of the more difficult months to pick one outstanding read, but the book which had me giggling madly in bed at night has stuck in my mind more than any other.

Julie Houston writes wonderfully entertaining novels – always with a great storyline and with some of the funniest scenes I have ever come across. With two of her books this month – and another coming up in March – the one which stood out for me is ‘Goodness, Grace and Me’. Even my husband remembers this one and, whilst he didn’t read it, I did disturb his slumber several times with my uncontrollable laughing. This is an author on my list of ‘must reads’!

I hope you’ve all had a good month, and good luck with your March reading list!






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