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Written by Louise Emma Clarke


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Mum of one, Jess, has had enough of endless diaper-filled days, and her husband Chris has just the solution to vent her frustrations – a blog.

Jess loves her daughter more than anything, but sometimes she just wants a little bit of freedom – some time for herself. Cue a laptop, a glass of wine and the beginning of a life-changing journey.

Overnight Jess’s inbox is full of notifications and before long she is officially a ‘mummy blogger’, but this new life comes with its own set of rules and regulations. With Queen of the Bloggers, Tiggy, blanking her in public, people recognizing her on the street and her life decisions suddenly judged by strangers, Jess’s idea of ‘me time’ is slowly becoming a full-time job.

Will Jess be able to find the right life/work balance? Or will she wish she’d never turned to a world online?








Great Debut!!  4 stars


Such a good read and, for a debut novel, really rather excellent!

Jess was gifted a beautiful notebook from her sister on her hen night. On the birth of her daughter, she uses her thwarted writing skills to pen a series of letters about their everyday life to her newborn, Bella. As time goes on and she becomes immersed in motherhood with all the frustrations it brings, her husband suggests blogging as a way for her to have some ‘me’ time – something all mothers crave. Sharing her world turns out to have far reaching consequences, not all of them expected!

This is a really easy book to get into. Jess and Bella are a down-to-earth mother and daughter, not the glossy yummy-mummy, airbrushed kind. All of us who have been there remember those days and feelings – fading as time goes on, but never quite forgotten. In these days of celebrity mothers prancing around in their skinny jeans three weeks after giving birth, this is a blast of fresh air and I defy anyone not to nod their head as they read as well as experience bursts of laughter. It’s not the world of blogging as I know it, I don’t put myself out there personally and I think you have to be very brave to do so, as this author has. A very enjoyable read, and an author I would be happy to add to my kindle in future. 

My thanks to publisher Aria for my copy and especially to Victoria Joss for inviting me to be a part of this Blog Tour. All opinions expressed are my own.


Tags: humour, women’s fiction
  • Format: ebook, paperback
  • Size: 340 pages
  • Publisher: Aria
  • Publication Date: 5 February 2019
  • Purchase Links: Google Play
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Meet the Author




Louise’s blog, Mum of Boys and Mabel has over 100k followers. Having moved to Dubai with her family she’s now back in the UK and is enjoying writing. From Mum With Love is her debut novel.


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