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Written by Sophie Duffy


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London, 1926: two baby girls are born just hours and miles apart.

One you know as the Queen of England, but what of the other girl—the daughter of an undertaker named in her honor? Betsy Sunshine grows up surrounded by death in war-torn London, watching her community grieve for their loved ones while dealing with her own teenage troubles . . . namely her promiscuous sister Margie. As Betsy grows older we see the how the country changes through her eyes, and along the way we discover the birth of a secret that threatens to tear her family apart. Sophie Duffy dazzles in her latest work of family/historical fiction.

A tale which spans generations to explore the life and times of a family at the heart of their community, the story of a stoic young woman who shares a connection with her queenly counterpart in more ways than one.




9. B&L




Enthralling Domestic Saga!    5-stars


I’ve read a lot of domestic fiction set around the time of both world wars, and this has to be one of the most different ones, and quite possibly the very best.

This is, essentially, the story of Betsy Sunshine; born on the same day as Queen Elizabeth II, but into a very different kind of life. This covers her childhood, growing up and her family at each stage of her life and it is and interesting and beguiling tale with it’s roots set in realism. 

Such a terrific read! At each age, Betsy demonstrates wisdom far beyond most of us; she lives in whatever present day she finds herself in and her body may get old but, my goodness, her mind is strong and her memories are entertaining. Her family are quite possibly the same as everyone else’s, but they’re hers and therefore so very different! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to discover that Sophie Duffy has written two other books, and I hope I can find the time to read them in 2019. If you enjoy domestic sagas, and in particular a packed novel with a different take from the norm, then this is one I heartily recommend.

My thanks to Legend Press for my copy via Netgalley. I read this book of my own free will and this review is entirely my own.


Tags: domestic saga, women’s fiction


  • Format: ebook, paperback, audio
  • Size: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Legend Press
  • Publication Date: 4 October 2018
  • Purchase Links: GooglePlay
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Meet the Author


610+MimG8tL._UX250_Sophie is the author of three novels. ‘The Generation Game’ was her debut novel, inspired by her childhood growing up in a sweet shop in Torquay. Her second novel, ‘This Holey Life’, is about a reluctant curate’s wife. Her latest novel is ‘Bright Stars’, a modern day Brideshead, the story of students reunited after 25 years.

As part of Creative Writing Matters, Sophie appraises manuscripts, runs workshops and mentors novelists. CWM run the Exeter Novel Prize and the Exeter Story Prize as well as other writing competitions.

She lives by the seaside in Devon.



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