The Keeper of Secrets #BookReview #M.L.Rose

Written by M. L. Rose


150 hrt


A teenage girl disappears on the streets of London. Soon, her parents get a note.
Ask Detective Arla Baker where the missing girl is. Then a dead body appears in the local park.

Someone knows a lot about Detective Inspector Arla Baker. They know her hidden past.
They know where she lives. They know about her lost sister, Nicole.
Every move Arla makes to catch this killer is anticipated. It’s as if he knows what she’ll do next…
Pressure is mounting on Arla. Not least because the missing girl happens to be the American Ambassador’s daughter.
But why is the killer so obsessed with Arla? More than his victims, it is Arla he wants to have in his sights…
As the net closes around her, Arla zooms in on the social circle of London’s upper class, and their dirty secrets.
Secrets some will kill to keep.
Another teenage girl is killed inside the same park, and the same message is left on the body.
Ask Arla Baker what happened.

For Arla, it’s not a police case any more. It’s a fight for survival.








Stunning Crime Thriller!     5-stars


Such an exciting read! I just didn’t work it out at all, despite suspecting almost everyone at one time or another …

DI Arla Baker is put in charge of a new case despite a connection being implicated. As evidence begins to mount up and the team feel they are getting the runaround, pressure on Arla increases to get a result and keep this high profile case hidden from the press. As it becomes obvious that there is a definite link to Arla, can she keep it together long enough to work it out?

This is a rollercoaster ride of a read. Every time I thought I had a grip on it and knew what was going on, something else would happen and it would all whirl around again in my mind. I certainly feel as if my mental faculties have had a really good work out with this novel .. and when things became clear I was completely shocked. Never saw it coming and certainly didn’t suspect THAT! Wow! Arla Baker, come back – and soon!

My thanks to the author for my arc, which I chose to read of my own volition. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: crime thriller
  • Format: ebook, paperback
  • Size: 266 pages
  • Publisher: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
  • Publication Date: 6 October 2018
  • Purchase Links: kindle




Meet the Author


ML Rose is the pen name of an Amazon best selling author. ML has always loved police procedurals, and Detective Arla Baker has always been in his head. The second novel in the series, The Keeper of Secrets, is out now on pre-order.








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