Scorpion Down #BookReview #MickBose

Written by Mick Bose




They tortured her. Left her for her dead. That was their first mistake.
But they didn’t know what she was fighting for. That was their second mistake.
The Scorpion doesn’t give a third chance.

Revenge runs in her blood like fire. There will be no reprieve.

A brutal conspiracy looms, stretching from the Middle East, Russia, to the heart of the American intelligence. The enemy is well prepared to strike a blow from which the world will not recover. Dan Roy stands in their way, and he has to fight against the one woman whose kills are legendary. A woman he once loved. Can he kill her? It is the only way Dan Roy will survive the greatest battle of his life.

Three lives collide in this gripping white knuckle ride, and the future of the Vatican hangs in the balance.
Nothing will ever be the same again.
Get it now.
Get some coffee.
Because you will read all night...








Fast-Paced, Riveting – And So Exciting!!  5 stars


Straight into the action from the first page .. welcome back Dan Roy!

For once, we find Dan back in his home town, living a peaceful life. The action is happening over in Europe where we meet his old adversary, The Scorpion, and once again she’s involved in some murky dealings. Enter Melania Stone, a dedicated CIA agent and very much on the side of law and order. Melania is a well-respected officer, driven by something in her past – but what? When Dan’s old boss McBride makes contact, will the information he feeds him pique Dan’s interest enough to get him back into the world of black-ops and espionage?

As always, this is a fast-paced and riveting read. This author always sets his novels in some stunning locations, and we are treated to the beauty of Sardinia as well as the stunning Vatican City. There is so much of interest and on top the heart-pumping excitement of the chase. I race through these novels – there’s never a quiet enough moment to lay the book aside and I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next. And, as usual, I’m not disappointed! By the time I reach the final page, I feel as if I’ve been in a firefight or two of my own – my pulse races harder than Dan Roy’s when he’s ran up a mountainside! I love the graphic descriptions of the weaponry involved – and this from someone who would normally run in the opposite direction. But what makes this book so special is the quality of the story – a great story with lots of content with plenty of twists and turns. Gripping from beginning to end, this is not only a novel, but a complete series which I cannot recommend highly enough and I live in hope that we haven’t seen the last of Mr. Roy.

My thanks to the author for my copy. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: action thriller


  • File Size: 1862 KB
  • Print Length: 309 pages
  • Publication Date: 14 September 2018
  • Purchase Links: Amazon UK
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Meet the Author





Mick Bose is the author of the Dan Roy action thriller series. If you like Reacher, Rapp and Baldacci you will love Mick’s books.

Mick lives in London,UK. He has hiked in the Himalayas, farmed in a Kibbutz, floated in the Dead Sea, lived in Russia when Communism fell and was refused entry to a posh restaurant in Washington DC because he wasn’t wearing the right shoes.
Well, the food was overpriced. Mick’s books are not, and he writes them because he wants to entertain you.



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