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Written by Rosie Clarke




With Christmas fast approaching, will there be festive cheer or troubles ahead?

December 1930. Christmas should be for the children, but with the Depression biting deeper, money and food in short supply and factories, ship yards and businesses closing down, the outlook is pretty bleak.

It looks like many East End kids will wake up on Christmas morning to nothing.

Robbie Graham is out of luck and work. Can he earn enough to put food on his table for his motherless children, Ben and Ruthie? Never mind something for their Christmas stockings?

Meanwhile single mother and local shop owner, Flo Hawkins cannot bear the thought of some children having nothing for Christmas. Alongside her daughter, Honour, they decide to make their own gifts and the community unites to throw a Christmas party at the Salvation Army for those less fortunate.

But will it be Flo who gets the best gift ever?









Vibrant and Irresistible!   5 stars


What a superb read! Set during the time between two world wars when poverty abounds, this is one to give you the true meaning of Christmas.

Flo Hawkins runs her shop in the east end of London with the help of her sister, Honour. The girls work hard, baking and creating treats for their customers as well as looking after their bed-ridden father but they know, with the majority of bread-winners having no work, that it’s going to be a bleak Christmas for most of their friends and neighbours.  Although the family keep their heads above water, life hasn’t always been easy for Flo and she does her best to ensure that Honour has more freedom than she had in the past. When an old friend comes back to the area, it bring back memories of happier days for Flo.

True to the period it’s set in, this is a delightful and entertaining read. It’s definitely a wake-up call to the the luxury the majority of us live in today. This tale shows all of human nature both at best and worst, and it is a truly wonderful read. The characters, as always with this author, are beautifully created; both well-rounded and flawed but always realistic. The details are stitched together into a vibrant and irresistible story, and one which most definitely left me with a festive glow. Community spirit shines throughout. And the cover? Absolutely perfect! Recommended strongly for your reading list this Christmas!

My thanks to publisher Aria for providing my copy via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: Christmas, family saga


  • Format: Kindle Edition
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  • Print Length: 404 pages
  • Publisher: Aria
  • Publication Date: 4 September 2018
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Meet the Author


I currently write as Rosie Clarke for Aria ( a companion publisher to Head of Zeus). I have written many other novels under various names.

Lizzie’s Secret was published on 1st April and Lizzie’s War followed on 1st September 2016. Both books were best sellers at amazon and other e-book outlets. Lizzie’s Daughters was published 1st May 2017.A lovely new series begins on 1st August 2017 The Girls of Mulberry Lane. There will be at least four in the series and if readers love the series perhaps more. Do let us know what you think with reviews and tweets. Other books include The Downstairs Maid and the Emma trilogy. Several of the books are published in mass market PB and also large print.

I would like to thank my many readers for the lovely reviews they’ve given my books on amazon.





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